Easter: internal paper warns of danger for internal security

Escape: OVP Guided Ministry of Home Office is concerned that police is too tied and conflicts "Authorization of the legal structures" could lead

Bayerische Rundfunk is his own information "Secret paper" enters, in the Easter-Rich security ovens "Migration" analyze.

The document that would be warned at Easter-Rich such as Bavarian – from where it was probably addressed by the path to the medium with the well-known contacts to the Bavarian government, warns, so it is quoted out of it, before the "Danger for maintaining public order, tranquility and security through the massive binding of the police personnel to settle the activities related to illegal entry."


Where the antimatter comes from

Our universe consists of matter, not antimatter. But it also contains antiparticles – only science has not been able to find their source yet

After all what we know today, matter and antimatter are physically completely equivalent. Whether an atom is built of positron and antiproton or of electron and proton should not interest nature. And yet our universe is not half antimatter – there must have been a point in its development where one form was preferred over the other.

However, this does not mean that antimatter exists only in science fiction (who remembers the positronics of the Perry Rhodan books)?) or in the laboratory gabe. The presence of anti-electrons was shown already three years ago for the first time – on the basis of the typical gamma-emission lines with an energy of 511 keV, which reveal that here an electron got in the way of a positron (or vice versa). But how these positrons were created has been a mystery to science until now.


The euro under fire (iii)

If the Eurozone has been unlimited and Germany to return to the D-Mark, the European economies could recover – but the German economy had a high price to pay

For a long time, the request was to escape Germany from the eurozone and to "good old D-Mark" to return, a position with exotic status, which was primarily in the right-wing populist environment. Today, this requirement is among other things from Nobel Prize Travelers Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, as well as from the expanding terrible of the probation speculation, George Soros, to horen. What happened in the meantime? The right populists ultimately had right or the paradigms have shifted in recent years so? The latter is the case, the German export orientation has crossed the bow, deep tears through community and Europe does not seem to be willing to kit these cracks politically.

Exit scenarios

In the medium to long term, the eurozone will have to ask the question of whether financially solid and competitive economies such as Germany not only for the debts of the periphery castles, but ultimately also with taxpayers and depreciation in the balance sheets of the banks for losses. There is a weighty reason against one "keep it up". On the one hand, it is difficult to imagine that the German Welfare will accept it too long that the import of German goods in euro abroad is financed with its taxpayers. On the other hand, however, it is difficult to imagine that the population of the battered EuroLander such as Greece, Ireland or Portugal will have liked the starding of IMF and Eurozone too long.


Administrative court approves right-wing extremist demo in passau

The city appeals and calls for a counter-rally, an initiative wants to prevent the right-wing demo

Despite Bavaria’s stricter right of assembly laws, which are supposedly directed against right-wing extremist gatherings, the competent administrative court in Regensburg has not yet allowed the demonstration planned tomorrow by right-wing extremists and supported by the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) against the right-wing extremists "the police and the media agitation" approved in the Mannichl case (see also: Demo of right-wing extremists in Passau: "The most disgusting beginning of the year I can imagine").

The city of Passau had banned the rally on the grounds that because of "to expect honor violations during the execution of the event directly endangers public order" was. The city administration also argued that the "by far the majority of the population" the demonstration "not only as incriminating or uplifting, but simply as unbearable" empfinde, it were thereby "violates basic social and ethical views".


Hubble can see again

The over weeks "blinded" Space telescope returns with a fascinating image

The Hubble Space Telescope is able to "see" again, having previously gone into safety mode due to a malfunction. A space mission to replace cameras and batteries was postponed due to Hurricane Ike and will now probably not take place until 2009. At the beginning of October the data transmission broke down (Cosmic Landscape). A first restart had failed. Last week, scientists were able to reboot the computer system that controls the science instruments.

Arp 147. Image: NASA, ESA, and M. Livio (STScI)


Acoustic lancing step

From the deterrent effect well coordinated birds

Bird pairs singing in the right place, apparently present a coarse threat to their competitors as couples who are musically less talented. This revealed the study by Michelle Hall from Max Planck Institute for Ornithology at Australian National University in Canberra, which has just been published in the journal Current Biology.

The message of a successful duets to the consumes is probably quite simple: we keep together, so skin better off. The threat is stomparged by a suitable choreography. Of course, this strategy is not only in the bird world, but also for primates and last but not least the Eurovision Song Contest.


Demo hack: sound and picture from the 1541 snail carousel

Demo hack: sound and picture from the 1541 snail carousel

Although the optical-acoustic result is not too spectacular, the way it is generated, but already: Matthias Kramm, studied computer scientist residing in California, survived the floppy drive 1541 by Commodore to produce highly tones and images.

Demo video of the author Matthias Kramm

For sound output, he’s naturally used the Stepper engine of the drive – C64 friends will remember the Larm, which produced the qualifying slow floppy station, still well. However, the image output on a classic FBS monitor requires a small modification: a simple 100 ohm resistor mixes sync pulses and image content together.


Remote-controlled weapon systems reduce the attack threshold

The high of the victims of the "most accurate war" All times is not yet known, but a questionable trend of artinfo infowars can be recognized

The combination of high-tech with conventional or even archaic means such as horses or sliders used by American specialty troops on the ground in the Afghanistan war has also highlighted the Pentagon as a successful model for the driving of art military actions. Premiere also had the use of unmanned learning airplanes equipped with missiles. It should be controlled from the distance to minimize the time delay between the (remote) detection of an opponent and its destruction by shelling. Really confirmed successes can the Pentagon in so far "most accurate war", So General Tommy Frank, the upper-commander of the Afghan campaign, do not show., Rather, the use of armed drones indicate a questionable development arising from the distance war in the information age.

Predator RQ-1


With neusprech to fully employment

With Neusprech to fully employment

With the Merry Message Vlnr: Holger Schafer (IW), Hubertus Pellengahr (Insm) and Dr. Jorg Schmidt (IW). Image: S. Dow

The Insm gives the low wage a greater name

If you want to sell unpopulares, you have to come up with something. Politicians and lobbyists can like to come up with new terms that should distract from the true core of the problem. Then, Wars become humanitarian interventions, from the stock data retention the minimum data retention and the unpopular Hartz IV should be given a better image by a new name. The new social market economy initiative, which is financed by the employer’s associations of the metal and electrical industry, now suggests the low-wage: That’s actually an entry-level salary, finds the insm and tries to prove that with a suitable opinion.


We are world champions!

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

We are world champions!

So misty, we really do not want to start the weekend. Finally, rough things are in front of which already a certain Mr. Goebbels. And the FAZ text he reads is really the finest. Maybe it should try the Argentine yes on Sunday time with 22 man, just with the total offensive! And hopefully they do not lose the humor completely. This is how UBLIGEN FUBBALLFOULS looks out in everyday life. And since Marissa Mayer can only laugh. After this little trip to the World Cup, follow the everyday life, for example the urinal, a firework rocket, Apple toys and a very elegant employee service.

We are world champions!

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