Firefox 87: come http referrer and search display in the scroll bar

Firefox 87: Come HTTP Referrer and Search Display in the scroll bar

A new Firefox version has been published. And with this again a few new functions. Thus, the browsing in private mode should now lead to less mistakes. Firefox 87 calls the collection of Dafur for the fraction and responsible replacement scripts SmartBlock.

In addition, the privacy should be protected by the standard trimming of the HTTP Refresher. The browser protects the path and query string information so that web pages can not provide user data from praise. Firefox can wear the referrer for a long time – however, the user has to select manually. Also with Apple’s Safari Referrers are generally tangled for side-mounted inquiries.

Hits in the scroll bar, voiceover and more

The search on a web page does not show even colors now only marks the hits in a text, but also the respective places in the scroll bar. Accordingly, it can be seen if a hit often occurs and jump to the respective places particularly quickly.

Firefox for Macos is now supporting the built-in screenreader VoiceOver, as Mozilla writes in the blog post. Silesian is also curled with SZL as a new locale added. These are these in the extras and under the content options.

So far, the backspace key in Firefox also served to navigate. Since this manually led to errors when users wanted to loosen only one letter and instead have a whole page backed up, this feature is now turned off standard mab. But you can be about about: Config and browser.Retry backspace_action to 0.

Library and aid menus have been closed. The Web Developer Menu is also according to Mozilla "big simplified". Over the Page Inspector can be tested directly from the bright and dark mode, without having to go over the settings. Further innovations for developers can be found in the changes listed separately. In addition, Firefox has reasonably faxed again security, some of which brought a high risk.

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