“Stupid”, “irresponsible”, “crazy”

Government, ARD, image and mirror combines against the right of strike of the locomotives

50 hours nationwide strike has decided the union of the locomotive (GDL). With your over 30.000 members represents 90 percent of the locomotives and 30 percent of the train attendants. But there is also a handzahmere union: the rail and traffic union (ECG) has just under 200.000 members – but only a few locomotives. Deutsche Bahn AG and the Federal Government, which lets the shamewords of the rail to pay out as a supposed privatization success, is the existence of the GDL a mandrel in mind.

Labor Minister Andrea Nahles would therefore have a law say goodbye, according to which it is to give only one collective agreement, so even a collective bargaining agreement. The goods end for a locomotive trade union – and a valid reason to be right and sustainable to strike. What is new: For the first time, government and railway management can be found on the support by the mass media image, mirror and ARD.


“Neuro-bashing” as successor to the “vegan bashings”

Thomas Metzinger over the brain research and the will-free debate. Part 1

With his book of ego tunnel, the philosopher Thomas Metzinger has drawn a debate on the transferability of results from neuro science into philosophy and to the autonomy of the will. To the extended new edition of the book, Telepolis talked to the author.

Mr. Metzinger, which revealing findings has made brain research in the public – and how they are fertile for everyday life and other sciences?

Thomas Metzinger: Since they had to ask a brain researcher as a philosopher. Real revolutions are rather rare in science, because the strong of the scientific method is just that they progress incrementally (in many small steps). Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis are now understood, for example, the underlying mechanisms much better, but depression and schizophrenia are examples of the fact that knowledge progress does not always reflect directly in new, functioning therapies. On the other hand, there is an interesting part aspect of the current development: neurotechnology arises from neuroscience, and a small subset of these neurotechnologies will also be consciousness technologies. I head in Mainz the research center Neuroethik, as I made clear in the expanded new edition of my book, we basically even need something like one "Consciousness": In the future, there will be technologies that always access more direct, pracisers and even more selective on the neural correlate of subjective experience itself. But what is one "goods" State of consciousness? In it we have to understand ourselves socially. We do not come around an ethical basic discussion. Important objectives are suffering, self-knowledge, sustainability and the increase of mental autonomy. You can concretize that a little?

Thomas Metzinger: Take like research on the virtual embodiment and robotic re-embodiment :: verreproject.EU as an example. If the basic idea of self-model theory is correct, then there is a whole series of empirical predictions that have to be experimentally confirmed. One of these predictions is that it must be in principle possible, the conscious self-model in the human brain direct to connect with external systems – for example with computers, robots or with artificial corporation images on the Internet or in virtual realities. This prediction has recently been confirmed. In the latest time there are namely gross progress in the field of so-called brain computer interfaces (so-called bcis; in German one says "Brain Computer Interface", sometimes too "Brain-machine interface" or "Calculator brain interface"), and these progress makes it possible to examine the empirical aspects of the self-model theory from philosophy more precisely.



The laser beam rocket

We move with a rapid speed on an age, some future researchers as "Lightage", D.H. As the age of electromagnetic waves, refer to. Light also means "easy" and is thus at the same time the age of lightweight construction.

Light-passing and lightweight structures form the basis for a novel energy supply and means of transport of the future. Nature is a complex whole and not only as a resource in the form of matter, energy or space to look at. All biological and ocological systems work due to solar energy. The age of "Light Age" is surprised by the new light wave-oriented technologies (also called Photronik).


Current distribution network 2.0: networks no “showstopper” for energy transition and e-mobilitat

Power distribution network 2.0: Networks no'showstopper' fur energiewende und e-mobilitat'showstopper' fur energiewende und e-mobilitat

Michael Lehmann, Head of Process and System Management at the Saxony-Anhaltische Electric Company with network, considers the controversial intelligent electricity benefits as an unasked for energy and roads. "We have to attack smart meters at the e-mobilitat to build a secure communication interface between customers and network operators", He explained at a specialist in the Grununa parliamentary group to the power distribution network 2.0.

UNIGIG is an extended legal frame to e-vehicles "Intelligent over Smart Meter" Include to the existing distribution network structures. Neither is Dafur "a gateway" like a kind of fritzbox, in which everything is already wired. To take care of the interface "do not make sure that you can not use any more". The cost of such a device was not allowed to exceed 80 to 100 euros.

Exercised requirements

Against smart meters there are data protection concerns, critics speak of "Spy numbers", Since the usage behavior of consumers is comprehensible. The implementation of the technology intended by the Bundestag 2016 "dragging", Rooms Fabian Joas, Head of Political Relations at the Volkswagen e-Mobilitandess Elli,. The initiative is "supervised with crazy requirements", which could ultimately bring little: "We build forward Front Knox, in the back there is an e-stove that comes from China and not so high safety standards." This is where the ture for hackers is far open.


“But where there is danger, that which can be saved also grows!”

The "Ready-to-go"-Bag, which Fema recommends. Image: Red Cross/

Disaster advice books thrive, more than a third of Britons have made preparations, a British astrobiologist clarifies what to know when nothing else works

The astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell, who also works for the British Space Agency, has published a book about the "Manual for rebooting the world", published in German by Hanser Verlag, a successful book for all apocalyptics who believe that the end of the world, or at least a major catastrophe or war, could be imminent. He promises readers "Everything you need to know when nothing works anymore". Survival training is a cult for the urbanized elite anyway, who also like to drive around the cities in SUVs and other land-going vehicles.


Seti: catalog astrophysical anomalies for search for auberfriend

Seti: Catalog astrophysical anomalies for search for Auberfriend

Researchers of the SETI project Breakthrough lists have put together a comprehensive catalog of something about 100 astronomical anomalies, which should help in the search for intelligent Auberdirdish life.

In addition "Exotica Catalog" There is also a listing of archetypal representative for the different types of sky clippers and a collection of astronomical superlatives. There is still a list of objects that were once considered anomalies whose nature has closed. The catalog should not only help the breadthrough astronomers in choosing their observation goals.

A lot of money for scientific breakdowns

Breakthrough lists is one of the so-called Breakthrough initiatives financed by the Israeli-Russian billionar Yuri Milner. In addition to Breakthrough lists, which is dedicated to the search for clues to technological life in the universe, this is still part of Breakthrough Watch for the optical search for earth-tooth exoplanets and Breakthrough Starshot for the development of a spacecraft that can reach another star. Breakthrough lists had recently examined hundreds of stars after signals of intelligent Auberrandese creatures for several years – without result.