Saudi arabia with german-speaking propagandaportal

Saudi Arabia with German-speaking propagandaportal

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Ultimatum for the retention of Al-Jazira

The fact that Landers like the US, Russia and Germany spread government views over Radio Liberty, RT and German Wave is known. Less is known that there is now a portal that "News about the Konigreich Saudi Arabia" Spread, which is much more friendly than the other media: This is how Arabia Now there is nothing about events of abuses (see. Death penalty for atheists), but for that "Sustainable development goals", the "Providing 300,000 food rations on Syrian escape" or the "Completion of Saudi Arabia’s first wind turbine". Such messages are recently unquestioned as "Sponsored tweets" displayed in Twitter Timeline.

Current camera

In addition, that one could read it to entertainment (such as RT), Arabia Now is so far too boring, which is why the latitude of the portal will remain limited for the time being. Typical passages like the following are simply reminiscent of consignments such as the current camera in the GDR and show that there is no easy task to formulate PR so that it also arrives:

Saudi Arabia has achieved more than 17 of its goals for sustainable developments, which were placed by the United Nations. Thus, the achievements of the UN agenda 2030 were already surpassed. This was announced in a response from Abdullah Al-Marwani, Deputy Untersekretar for Planning and National Directives of the Ministry of Economics and Planning. The forum was held in the headquarters of the United Nations. ‘The Konigreich has already reached most of the 17 goals of the UN for sustainable development. In some cases, the achievements exceeded the ON agenda 2030 objectives with an average rising economic growth of the consolation of about 3.6 percent – high than the worldwide average, "al-marwani. Al-Marwani continued to explain that the country worked on developments and no muets to drive the economy of the country further.

Nevertheless, Arabia Now seem to work professionals: An imprem is missing (see. Premoma requirement for websites), but the domain dates suggest that the QORVIS MSL Group plays a role in Arabia NOW. The US company is known for providing countries with image problems for payment their services.

Qatar crisis

Payable news is not the only way to influence a public opinion. Often, governments make it easier for easier and make it more effective, other opinions disappear. The Saudi government currently presented with the broadcaster Al-Jazira, which is considered the unofficial language tube Katar and in the past, among other things, due to very benevolent reports on terror groups, such as the Muslembrotherhood and Hamas,.

Saudi Arabia had made Qatar to Sunday evening an ultimatum with 13 unopdressed receivables, which are entitled to comply with Al-Dschasira’s retention of Al-Jazira (cf. Qatar: Convulsive exercises from US Administration). After Schikhe Sabah Al-Ahmed Al Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait, negotiated with his Qatar’s office colleague Tamim, Hamad Al Thani, this ultimatum was required by 48 hours. On the 5th. June had a traffic and trade blockade against Qatar, together with Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, had confessed, where they have been fighting with pension difficulties (cf. Qatar isolated as a villain state).

Saudi Konig says G20

This Qatar crisis also applies as a unofficial reason why the Saudi Konig Salman will not appear as well known as the G20 summit in Hamburg, which takes place on Friday and Saturday. It should now be represented by his Minister of Finance Mohammed Al-Jadan – whether he also wants to fly to camels, is open so far. In Saudi Arabia itself, according to the sender EuroNews, the one should have arranged along and punishing a journalist who praised him too much. The reason for Dafur should have been the formulation that the king "award", but also "severely punished". Such a description is only "Allah" to.

Background information on the role of Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the conflicts in the Middle East can be found in the new Telepolis eBook by Ramon Schack: Age of the decay – talking to developments of our epoch.

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