Subtitles in real time for zoom

Subtitles in real time for zoom

otter.AI edited the new Feature Otter Live Captions for Zoom. It adds zoom meetings and webinar English subtitles in real time using artificial intelligence. For subscribers from Otter Business, there is no additional postover, but there is a time limit. In Breakout Rooms, the feature can not be used yet. Users can activate the subtitles via a button, they are then displayed directly in the zoom window.

If participants want to use the feature, all align Otter Live Notes for Zoom, allow livestreaming in zoom and connect Otter with zoom. Zoom administrators must also approve otters in Zoom Marketplace. Instructions for configuration and starting in Zoom can be found on the company’s website.

Otter Live Captions for Zoom is included in the business version of Otter. In addition to a free variant, the developer offers different subscription licenses, which cost at least $ 8.33 per month and users. During zoom for automatic subtitle third-party providers offering a rest API, competitor teams dominates this native and can also enter German.

The developer Otter’s Silicon Valley.AI develops applications for language-to-text transcription using artificial intelligence and mechanical learning. The provider promises to protect the captured data of the users and not to share with third parties. However, they were used to workout of their own Ki.

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