Puigdemont should now be prasident again

Puigdemont should now be prasident again

Protests in Barcelona. Image: Assamblea nacional

A quick delivery will not exist and the Catalan Parliament wants him to choose from all Spanish Hurden to the prassident

Spain had already hoped for it to quickly go with a delivery of Carles Puigdemont from Germany to Madrid. These ideas can be confidently freezed in the Spanish capital. This indicates that before Easter, no decision was allowed to fall in any case. "The decision will probably no longer go before Easter", said the spokeswoman of the Attorney General of Schleswig-Holstein, Wiebke Hosterler.


Belgium does not automatically deliver rapper to spain

Belgium does not automatically deliver rapper to Spain

Image: Omnium Cultural / CC BY-2.0

The rapper from Mallorca can defend itself in September before an independent court

Spain has again failed with a delivery request within the EU. Now Belgium has made it clear that it will not deliver the Mallorcan Rapper ValtonyC without exactly examining the pre-yields to Spain. This is the "Automatic delivery" also rejected in this case. The rapper has communicated by Twitter, who is called with Burgerichnelle Josep Miquel Arenas. "I have the gland to defend me in a process", he explains with a look at others, which were sentenced to imprisonment in Spain as he fell to improvement.


“Journalists seem to be formally enhanced in protective ditch”

Interview with the cabaret artists Max Uthoff and Claus von Wagner

Extended roles: Supply Satiriker Journalism and Journalists Satire? This impression has at least the two cabaret artists from the ZDF broadcast the institution. Max Uthoff and Claus von Wagner have articulated in two broadcasts of the institution in front of a million audience a media criticism, which would hardly have been pending in their idiosyncratic nature. On YouTube was on the two videos of the satire program over 150.000 times accessed.

Screenshot from the broadcast of 23.9.2014 About Media and Propaganda. Image: ZDF