Saudi arabia with german-speaking propagandaportal

Saudi Arabia with German-speaking propagandaportal

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Ultimatum for the retention of Al-Jazira

The fact that Landers like the US, Russia and Germany spread government views over Radio Liberty, RT and German Wave is known. Less is known that there is now a portal that "News about the Konigreich Saudi Arabia" Spread, which is much more friendly than the other media: This is how Arabia Now there is nothing about events of abuses (see. Death penalty for atheists), but for that "Sustainable development goals", the "Providing 300,000 food rations on Syrian escape" or the "Completion of Saudi Arabia’s first wind turbine". Such messages are recently unquestioned as "Sponsored tweets" displayed in Twitter Timeline.


What is the purpose of the summit in helsinki?

What is the purpose of the summit in helsinki?

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg (2017). Picture: / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Putin and Trump meet without anything to discuss. There were, however, motives for an assassination attempt – on Putin

This article is neither commentary nor news and does not contain privileged information. It is rather an attempt to classify the most recent developments in world politics and to learn from the last seventy years.


“Where is our money?”

High credits, but nothing in the bank, contradictions left out: Michael Moore’s new film "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Financial Crisis for Twelve-Year-Olds: A Gloomy Doomsday Scenario about the Past and Present of the Financial Industry, especially about the 2008 Banking Crisis, its Background and a "hidden coup d’etat" in the attempts of its solution. The most explosive information is, as always with Michael Moore, well hidden: More than anything else, the reminder that between 1936 and 1981, at the time of the rough prosperity of the U.S. in the 50s, higher incomes were taxed with never less than 70, in some cases with up to 94 percent, baffles!

clip from the trailer


Hartz iv sanctions – the punitive state remains in place

Hartz iv sanctions - the punitive state remains in place

Comment: The ruling on Hartz IV sanctions confirms the principle of demanding and demanding and is therefore not a success for the unemployed movement

If after a verdict of the Federal Custodial Court seemingly everyone is satisfied, then one knows that the highest legal authority in Germany has once again confirmed itself as a total capitalist. This most noble task of the German judiciary was particularly observed by the judges in Karlsruhe when they ruled on the illegality of the Hartz IV sanctions.

While almost all the media point out that the court declared Hartz IV sanctions partially unlawful, the press release states for the first time in several paragraphs that the court upheld the sanctions regime as a whole:


Gluck had?

New Orleans is also a location of high security laboratories on research on organic weapons, thousands of experimental animals died in the episode of the Orcan Katrina, supposedly no dangerous pathogens to submerged

After the 11.9. Under Prasident Bush, the US not only moved into the war, first to Afghanistan and then with fake fundamental reasons in Iraq, but also in general, fear and anger of humans were instrumentalized to turn everything on the defense against terrorism. Only on the 8. September, so still after the catastrophe caused by the orcan Katrina, had US Prasident Bush the on the 14th.9.2001 expelled emergency due to terror threat again once again for one year. The anthrax letters whose sender was still not found despite extensive search, served to panic in front of the new ones "Mass destruction" To be aone, not only to create new laws, but also to put many billions into the development of safety techniques, especially for preparation before and for the growth of attacks with biological weapons. This is melted into the project Bioshield.

The fact that the switching of resources in the politically and medially better excessive anti-terror struggle deducts this when it comes to the evidence of the (organized) crime or precaution from natural disasters, the Americans and the whole world were observed when the Odcan Katrina already Long predicated damage caused. The problem is, of course, not only in the US so. The evidence of terrorists and the durs of fear of striking occurs – as long as no disaster occurs – always better than a distinction of lack of disaster (or cause terrorism). Thus, the mirror also reported persistently: organized crimetat benefits from anti-terrorist fight.


Germany’s departure from climate protection

The Energy and Climate Weeks: Exercises in Asia, Baden-Wurttembergs not gruner pension funds and an artificial leaf

A non-heavy Monsoun has cost hundreds of human life in China, India, Nepal and Pakistan in recent months and beat millions of people in flight. Meteorologists see a correlation with the previous weather phenomena EL-Nino, which led to high water temperatures in the Pacific.

In China, floods and overflows met people partly unprepared. Especially the northern provinces have not experienced so heavy rainfall and survivors for 20 years. From the Ministry of Civil Affairs, criticism of the aggregates in the province of Hebei was loud loudly, which had considered the storms and did not react appropriately.


Hartmann’s payments

The BND is to receive 100 million euros more to better monitor the Internet. As recently as mid-June, the SPD thought that was great, too. But for the moment she does not like to talk about it

The federal government had already thought of this. In the slipstream of the initial public uproar over the wiretaps and surveillance of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and the British secret service, the political and media climate for the planned upgrade of the BND was tested . Coalition politicians signaled their support, the Springer Group’s blatants provided media protection, and the SPD also publicly voiced its approval.

Hartmann's payments

New building of the BND headquarters in Berlin, photo from the end of 2012. Picture:


Vladimir putin – the new george soros?

vladimir putin - the new george soros?

Aleksandr Lukashenko said on 19. June: "Looking at the situation in the last 24 hours, I see that certain forces have intensified their activities to undermine the situation in the country. We have been observing this for a long time. But we managed to take some steps to get ahead of the game and derail a crude plan to destabilize Belarus (this is not a joke or a smoke screen) and organize a kind of Maidan revolution here. That was the goal. We have torn off the masks not only of the puppets we had here, but also of the puppeteers who are outside Belarus." Picture: Press Service of the President of the Republic of Belarus

Concerns are growing in Belarus that a regime change "colorful revolution" during the upcoming presidential election – organized by the Kremlin

Nothing new in the East? In mid-June, President Alexander Lukashenko announced that Belarusian security forces had foiled a plot to do nothing less than spark a revolution in the Eastern European country. Lukashenko stated that both the "puppets" of this conspiracy, as well as "their masterminds abroad" have been unmasked.


City of london is aimed at leading offshore center for the chinese preservation

British isolationism makes the City of London for China attractive

In mid-January, the British Finance Minister George Osborne Proudly merged a new agreement with the People’s Republic of China. Accordingly, the City of London is to become the worldwide-leading offshore center for the Chinese preservation, the RMB (RMB),. The went month’s negotiations. Getting started in this direction were already initiated at the beginning of September 2011.

In London Lote the Environment Jubel Storm. The news portal LondonlovesBusiness.Com writes from fantastic opportunities for new jobs. Lawing officers became "overnight" All new departments open to use this market. In addition, it was helped to trade with China. Finally it became again "true" give. "What is not possible to MOGEN?"


An invoice that works only on the paper

Chairman of the Supervisory Board The FAZ calls for a basic cost of the online offers of newspapers

After the coarse Internet Gold Rush 2000 now also comes with the gross dungalization for newspapers placed in the net. It had already explained-printed newspapers and rapidly to the expiration model and must realize how the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the FAZ Hans-Wolfgang Pfeifer realize that the hoped for profit lies through newspapers in the network. Now the entire Internet offers of newspapers should cost us. Pfeifer demands a more adapted to the electronic medium journalistic style.

"After a while, people will consider very accurately what the Internet offers you and what not. You will find that the Internet can not bring a deeper information and does not want to bring." Quote Hans-Wolfgang Pfeifer, his sign Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Frankfurt General Zeitung and age-guided prophet. However, he did not say that two or three years ago, but currently in an interview with the German Press Agency.