Gluck had?

New Orleans is also a location of high security laboratories on research on organic weapons, thousands of experimental animals died in the episode of the Orcan Katrina, supposedly no dangerous pathogens to submerged

After the 11.9. Under Prasident Bush, the US not only moved into the war, first to Afghanistan and then with fake fundamental reasons in Iraq, but also in general, fear and anger of humans were instrumentalized to turn everything on the defense against terrorism. Only on the 8. September, so still after the catastrophe caused by the orcan Katrina, had US Prasident Bush the on the 14th.9.2001 expelled emergency due to terror threat again once again for one year. The anthrax letters whose sender was still not found despite extensive search, served to panic in front of the new ones "Mass destruction" To be aone, not only to create new laws, but also to put many billions into the development of safety techniques, especially for preparation before and for the growth of attacks with biological weapons. This is melted into the project Bioshield.

The fact that the switching of resources in the politically and medially better excessive anti-terror struggle deducts this when it comes to the evidence of the (organized) crime or precaution from natural disasters, the Americans and the whole world were observed when the Odcan Katrina already Long predicated damage caused. The problem is, of course, not only in the US so. The evidence of terrorists and the durs of fear of striking occurs – as long as no disaster occurs – always better than a distinction of lack of disaster (or cause terrorism). Thus, the mirror also reported persistently: organized crimetat benefits from anti-terrorist fight.

Although the number of victims of the anthrax letters are opposed to those "conventional" Terrorist attack on New York was too low, that – certainly also by government and the media seemed that media representatives also seemed to be a goals, starrow panic from the art possible consequences of organic weapons (spleen fire and the fear that Panic, the media and politicians). Pretty sure the letters had nothing to do with Islamist terrorists, and there were no demonstrable evidence that they are owned by biological weapons. Oberdies are possible consequences of weapon-proof organisms that spread quickly and act deadly, speculative. But the pure possibility of a mysterious, infectious deadly plague eased to put a lot of money into the defense before the potential by establishing new laboratories. There, experimental animals have to be infected with dangerous pathogens to develop means for defense or vaccination.

The dialectic of security: natural disaster VS. Biological weapons

As a rule, the world is more complicated to predict this as simple solutions. Early, this was called this dialectically, today one speaks more of unfortunate and, above all, unforeseen side effects or military – also of collateral damage. Research on vaccines roughly increases the findings of manufacture and use of weapon-proof organisms. Laboratorys that are filled with attempts that have been infected with spleen fire, plague or smallpox, they are not sufficiently secured, just spread them. Apparently, the sender of the anthrax letters has come to the possession of anthrax spores, which were allegedly made by military US research laboratories for defensive purposes. Only recently, US microbiologists had criticized that too much money fell into exploration of weapon-popular pathogens lacking to get the truly dangerous diseases (the vague threat by bioterrorism binds research funds). So you absolutely reduce the possibility to become a relatively unlikely victim of a bio-attack, but increases the risk of "normal" Dangerous pathogens to be infected.

However, if the attempts to develop means to protect against attacks with biological agents, especially if the attempts to protect against attacks with biological agents. As can be done, just shows the flood catastrophe. Since the defense of only theoretically possible terrorist attacks reduces the resources for protection against predictable natural disasters and the supposed danger of attacks with biological weapons was assessed as urgent, the research has quickly been tested and strangely paid to safety, as well as symptomatically, For example, the Sunshine Project has established. There were also safety variables due to lack of precautionary measures (step to the biological bettrust; Dangerous influenza virus became 5.000 laboratories sent). Only in short, three mouse infected with Pest disappeared from a bioterrorism research laboratory of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

The Sunshine Project had last year to military research on biological pathogens of Tulane University in New Orleans. Although there are some laboratories of the security level 3, in which, for example, with spleen fire, plague or mausenpox, the experimental animals lived, the University was apparently provided by no evidence, whether an institutional biosafety committee was used to monitor security, and what its activity was. Although the primacy center is located outside of New Orleans, in which thousands of monkeys are also kept infected with diseases, supposedly not to have been damaged.

As AP reported, be all 8.000 experimental animals, including mause, rats, dogs and monkeys died research laboratories of New Orleans universities. It was also about "Animal models", So genetically changed animals to explore cancer diseases or AIDS, but also animals that were infected in research on biological weapons with spleen fire or plague. Most of the animals were drowned or digested or. starved. The surviving animals were lively, so Larry Hollier, board of the LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, has been killed.

And reports it is also that supposedly no dangerous pathogens from the laboratories, "in which the researchers deal with some of the most dangerous pathogens in the world", Let’s get to the outside. So is not a single one of the 5.000 Emergency animals of the Primate Center escape. According to CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC), there have been some laboratories that have been copied with research on biological weapons, but it is nothing to fall. If this applies, then was probably plenty of gluck in the game.

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