Office package: iwork apps with new features

Office package: iWork apps with new features

Apple has released its Buropaker IWork in a superapancied version during the night of Friday. All three apps, ie the word processing pages, the table calculation program NUMBERS as well as the presentation software Keynote, received updates both under MacOS and under iOS or iPados. A whole range of new features will be included, which should facilitate the work with the Office apps.

iBooks Author is history

Pages reached on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch now version 10.1. A new reading view allows you to scroll in documents and zoom in them without accidentally changing something. Videos of YouTube or Vimeo can be integrated directly into texts, which is not allowed in all countries. Furthermore, you can add subtitles and titles very easily to pictures, shapes, videos and other objects. Pages 10.1 for MacOS also comes with the new title / subtitle function and video integration and now has a new feature to create flexible formulas. IBooks Author Bucher can be imported directly in Pages, as Apple’s once popular e-book app for 1. July has set.

Easier presentation with videos

Keynote 10.1 for iOS and iPados also gets the new subtitles / title function, movies automatically plays at foilubergangangne and allows to integrate the same film into multiple slides so that it is played back to the next time when changing from a film to the next. Another new feature is "Align", with the objects continuously point to the right direction, while they follow a motion path. Keynote 10.1 for the Mac comes with all new functions from the iOS or iPados version, but also has the new option "Present presentation in the window", To access other programs in the local pre-guidance of a presentation or during a video conference, as Apple writes.


Podcasts: apple introduces subscriptions

Podcasts: Apple introduces subscriptions

Apple makes its podcasts app for the distribution platform: Since Tuesday, this content is offered as subscriptions over Apple’s in-app buying interface. Because of technical problems, the introduction of the subscription offer actually planned for May had to be postponed for several weeks.

Podcasts can now use a mix of free and paid content to set a Freemium model or put all episodes behind the payment barrier. Subscriptions are offered for individual podcasts as well as for podcast networks, the different shows – Apple calls this "Channels" – as a subscription to market.

Podcasts in the monthly or annual subscription

Podcast subscriptions can be offered in Apple’s app with monthly or quantum billing, usually there is a free trial, which then automatically transforms into a subsequent subscription. The prize can choose the providers – in the levels specified by Apple – so far, most of the already participating podcasts seem to be estimated between 1 and 5 euros per month. Podcast producers are free to continue to market their content externally as a subscription, Apple’s Podcasts app also supports the subscribing to RSS feeds.


Competitive rated: apple sees himself “in no market dominant”

Competitive rated: Apple sees himself'in keinem markt dominant''in keinem markt dominant'

Apple rejects the allegation of a market dominance: you have numerous competitors of a wide variety of ways of Google Uber Samsung to LG and Lenovo. The emphasized Apple Manager Daniel Matray, Europachef for the App Store and Apple’s Media Services, presented for a political decision-maker’s organization of Forum Europe.

Against the Group in Europe, there are now two competitive studies around App Store and Apple PAY. Also in the USA regulators have begun to take the iPhone manufacturer into the crosshair.

Apple: are not dominant in no market

Apple have in "No market a dominant position" and stobe in all business areas "Powerful competitor", From Tablets on Wearables and Computers to Messaging, Card and Payment Services, Matray explained according to a report of the news agency Reuters. For all app providers – whether rough the small – were also the same rules in the App Store and a coarse part of the apps must not pay any commission to Apple. The App Store urges the competition instead of preventing him, the manager argued loudly Reuters. The app shop has been provided in his twelve-year’s existence for dynamics and today’s "App Economy" first.


Firefox 87: come http referrer and search display in the scroll bar

Firefox 87: Come HTTP Referrer and Search Display in the scroll bar

A new Firefox version has been published. And with this again a few new functions. Thus, the browsing in private mode should now lead to less mistakes. Firefox 87 calls the collection of Dafur for the fraction and responsible replacement scripts SmartBlock.

In addition, the privacy should be protected by the standard trimming of the HTTP Refresher. The browser protects the path and query string information so that web pages can not provide user data from praise. Firefox can wear the referrer for a long time – however, the user has to select manually. Also with Apple’s Safari Referrers are generally tangled for side-mounted inquiries.

Hits in the scroll bar, voiceover and more

The search on a web page does not show even colors now only marks the hits in a text, but also the respective places in the scroll bar. Accordingly, it can be seen if a hit often occurs and jump to the respective places particularly quickly.


Pixel 4a 5g and pixel 5: google removes astrophotography partially

Pixel 4a 5g and pixel 5: Google removes astrophotography partially

With an update of its camera software, Google has trimmed the astrophotography mode of its smartphones pixel 4a 5g and pixel 5. From version 8.1 is the mode only in connection with the wide-angle camera. Users who want to hold the sky with the Ultra wide-angle camera has since received an error message and the note that the change to the main camera is upgrade. Google does not provide a burial for this change, the changelog contains no notice.

Pixel 4a 5g and pixel 5: Google removes astrophotography partially

The astromode supports pixel 4a 5g and pixel 5 only with the wide-angle camera.

Google distributes version 8.1 The Camera App has been around since mid-November 2020, according to The Verge, the company adapted the camera support page a few days before. There it has been called since the beginning of November that astrophotography only works from zoom factor 1. On a pixel 5 (test), OUR Site was able to adjust this behavior: with version 8.0 The camera app was the astro mode with zoom factor 0.6 (ultra wide-angle camera) as well as a factor of 1 (wide-angle camera). After playing version 8.1 appeared at the former only the hint "For astrophotography zoom to 1x set ".