Where have all the indians gone??

Of some who went out to become pirates

It looked as if the new party was going to represent the interests of the youth in a completely non-political way: Free, free music legally for all. For example, with the famous Kulturflatrate, which some philistines, however, already again preferably under the supervision of ARD and ZDF duly wanted to see collected by the GEZ. The term "pirate" actually has a positive connotation: Freebooters of knowledge or pirate radio stations, which bypass restrictive telecommunications legislation to broadcast hot music from the high seas, free software, free encyclopedias… – or just a bland party with free beer?

Once upon a time I was a revolutionary, a lamp cleaner by marital status; I walked in revolutionary step with the revolutionaries.


Saudi arabia with german-speaking propagandaportal

Saudi Arabia with German-speaking propagandaportal

Image: CC0 Public Domain

Ultimatum for the retention of Al-Jazira

The fact that Landers like the US, Russia and Germany spread government views over Radio Liberty, RT and German Wave is known. Less is known that there is now a portal that "News about the Konigreich Saudi Arabia" Spread, which is much more friendly than the other media: This is how Arabia Now there is nothing about events of abuses (see. Death penalty for atheists), but for that "Sustainable development goals", the "Providing 300,000 food rations on Syrian escape" or the "Completion of Saudi Arabia’s first wind turbine". Such messages are recently unquestioned as "Sponsored tweets" displayed in Twitter Timeline.


Easter: internal paper warns of danger for internal security

Escape: OVP Guided Ministry of Home Office is concerned that police is too tied and conflicts "Authorization of the legal structures" could lead

Bayerische Rundfunk is his own information "Secret paper" enters, in the Easter-Rich security ovens "Migration" analyze.

The document that would be warned at Easter-Rich such as Bavarian – from where it was probably addressed by the path to the medium with the well-known contacts to the Bavarian government, warns, so it is quoted out of it, before the "Danger for maintaining public order, tranquility and security through the massive binding of the police personnel to settle the activities related to illegal entry."


Prohibition of private copying?

Discussion about the EU legislation on the protection of intellectual property

In the legal margin of the European Parliament, the copyright directive is now negotiated to give recommendations for the tuning provided for the next month in plenary. A group of 400 musicians under the name "Artists Unite for Strong Copyright" occur, has already filed a petition at the European Parliament in order to better protect intellectual property by casting and better protection measures against illegal copying.

Copyright injuries are intended to make millions of losses in the music industry, with currently websites offering music with the standard MP3 for downloading, in the center of criticism. "We do not criticize the internet", Says the French musician Jean-Michel Jarre, who survived the petition, "But we believe that there are reasonable protection measures." For the politicians of the European Parliament, the date had come to take a posture and to ensure that the Art Copyright regulations allow the European artists and musicians to be successful in the digital age.


Where the antimatter comes from

Our universe consists of matter, not antimatter. But it also contains antiparticles – only science has not been able to find their source yet

After all what we know today, matter and antimatter are physically completely equivalent. Whether an atom is built of positron and antiproton or of electron and proton should not interest nature. And yet our universe is not half antimatter – there must have been a point in its development where one form was preferred over the other.

However, this does not mean that antimatter exists only in science fiction (who remembers the positronics of the Perry Rhodan books)?) or in the laboratory gabe. The presence of anti-electrons was shown already three years ago for the first time – on the basis of the typical gamma-emission lines with an energy of 511 keV, which reveal that here an electron got in the way of a positron (or vice versa). But how these positrons were created has been a mystery to science until now.


The euro under fire (iii)

If the Eurozone has been unlimited and Germany to return to the D-Mark, the European economies could recover – but the German economy had a high price to pay

For a long time, the request was to escape Germany from the eurozone and to "good old D-Mark" to return, a position with exotic status, which was primarily in the right-wing populist environment. Today, this requirement is among other things from Nobel Prize Travelers Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, as well as from the expanding terrible of the probation speculation, George Soros, to horen. What happened in the meantime? The right populists ultimately had right or the paradigms have shifted in recent years so? The latter is the case, the German export orientation has crossed the bow, deep tears through community and Europe does not seem to be willing to kit these cracks politically.

Exit scenarios

In the medium to long term, the eurozone will have to ask the question of whether financially solid and competitive economies such as Germany not only for the debts of the periphery castles, but ultimately also with taxpayers and depreciation in the balance sheets of the banks for losses. There is a weighty reason against one "keep it up". On the one hand, it is difficult to imagine that the German Welfare will accept it too long that the import of German goods in euro abroad is financed with its taxpayers. On the other hand, however, it is difficult to imagine that the population of the battered EuroLander such as Greece, Ireland or Portugal will have liked the starding of IMF and Eurozone too long.


What is the purpose of the summit in helsinki?

What is the purpose of the summit in helsinki?

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg (2017). Picture: / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Putin and Trump meet without anything to discuss. There were, however, motives for an assassination attempt – on Putin

This article is neither commentary nor news and does not contain privileged information. It is rather an attempt to classify the most recent developments in world politics and to learn from the last seventy years.


Administrative court approves right-wing extremist demo in passau

The city appeals and calls for a counter-rally, an initiative wants to prevent the right-wing demo

Despite Bavaria’s stricter right of assembly laws, which are supposedly directed against right-wing extremist gatherings, the competent administrative court in Regensburg has not yet allowed the demonstration planned tomorrow by right-wing extremists and supported by the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) against the right-wing extremists "the police and the media agitation" approved in the Mannichl case (see also: Demo of right-wing extremists in Passau: "The most disgusting beginning of the year I can imagine").

The city of Passau had banned the rally on the grounds that because of "to expect honor violations during the execution of the event directly endangers public order" was. The city administration also argued that the "by far the majority of the population" the demonstration "not only as incriminating or uplifting, but simply as unbearable" empfinde, it were thereby "violates basic social and ethical views".


The nene relief of the pirates

The way of a party into boring

At the end of 1979, Alfred Hilsberg in the magazine Sounds proker the term new German wave for a series of bands that were very different, but had together not held themselves to musical dogmas of the spades of 1970s. What projects such as the plan, German-American friendship and Palais Schaumburg began within a relatively transparent circle of interested parties, the munich was a good two and a half years later in Nena. Nena was commercially extremely successful – and all that on the mainstream and at the gecasted hollander inner ribbon of the spades of 1970s, with whom the music industry was so boring and concluded the music shop at that time,. Only in liver sausage, instead of in blast pants.

In the Pirate Party, which generally achieves double-digit values in surveys, seems to be a similar development: the pirates are more and more similar to the established parties. This shows, for example, in the new core topic Consumer Protection, where non-contract asymmetries are addressed, which allowed the telephone business models with cost traps and with the "Intelligent current payers" even significantly more federal castles could provide four- or five-storey shock calculations without increased consumption. Instead, one propagates the old immobility that the electoral gifts are in the preserved manner: The problem is explained to the minor matter and one calls instead of subsidies for electrical apparatus, which must not be created with RWE or with Siemens.


“Where is our money?”

High credits, but nothing in the bank, contradictions left out: Michael Moore’s new film "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Financial Crisis for Twelve-Year-Olds: A Gloomy Doomsday Scenario about the Past and Present of the Financial Industry, especially about the 2008 Banking Crisis, its Background and a "hidden coup d’etat" in the attempts of its solution. The most explosive information is, as always with Michael Moore, well hidden: More than anything else, the reminder that between 1936 and 1981, at the time of the rough prosperity of the U.S. in the 50s, higher incomes were taxed with never less than 70, in some cases with up to 94 percent, baffles!

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