Persiden 2021: tips for the shooting star hunting with the camera

Persiden 2021: Tips for the shooting star hunting with the camera

Soon it’s time again: the earth crosses the track of the comet Swift Tuttle on her way around the sun. The comet has lost here, in sundeck, a lot of breakage. And if they feel in the earth’s atmosphere, we see shooting stars. This year should be expected with particularly many shooting stars, as the earth happens this time exactly a trumber field, which the comet has lost 4479 in 1479.

Startless steels, which arise from such a trumberfield on the ground train, seem to have their origins in the sky in a single point for the observer on earth. This is a similar effect than when you drive in winter by car through snowflakes. The earth is in the days when the comet run is queried, just in the direction of the constellation Perseus on the way. Therefore, it looks like the star tracks had their origin in this constellation. Therefore, your name comes: "Perseid".

Persiden 2021: Tips for the shooting star hunting with the camera

The eastern starry sky in mid-August at 2 o’clock in the morning


Hartz for fun

The medially staged poverty self-test and its unexpected gain of knowledge

Living on Hartz IV for one month, this – not entirely – voluntary poverty self-test was given by two Hamburg local media to one employee each, and the other to the other. the Hamburger Abendblatt (Springer-Verlag) and the regional radio station Oldie 95. This medially prepared self-experience trip seemed at first sight like an openly staged verbalization of the worries and note of hundreds of thousands of people in this country. On closer inspection, the attempt turned out to be a serious approach to the topic of poverty as a future mass phenomenon: a lot of facts and figures were given, a revealing look behind the scenes of the employment office was given and useful tips for the daily struggle for survival were revealed.

Selected by their editorial teams were Abendblatt editor Barbara Hardinghaus and "Pick-me-up" Achim Wiese, host of the early broadcast of Oldie 95. She, a young colleague, single, with a small but not exactly inexpensive apartment in the posh Neustadt district. He, married, one child, with his own house in a posh residential area. While she spontaneously set about the task set for her by her breadwinner, he first had to convince his loved ones – because the test would apply not only to him, but to the entire family, as he admitted to Telepolis. "That was not so easy", as he admitted to Telepolis. "But I have this job." Of course, and in order to keep it, concessions have to be made, otherwise this poverty game will become a bitter reality in the end.


Qnap secures nas spat against qlocker attacks

QNAP secures NAS Spat against Qlocker attacks

The manufacturer of network devices QNAP has discovered the cause of attacks by the interlocking trojan Qlocker and publishes security updates. This happened abundant Spat: Middle now suggests that the wire drawers have set their malware campaign.

Critical Lucke

Since April 2021, it has been Qlocker on network storage (NAS) from QNAP. Since then, the NAS manufacturer has worked on a solution. The Schadling has infested systems, data in password-degraded 7zip archives and challenged.

Now QNAP has updated a message from April and indicates that one as "critical" Stained Safety Challenge (CVE-2021-28799) in Hybrid Backup Sync (HBS) The cause of the attacks is. This is an account with hard-coded access data, over which the attackers have received access to systems via the Internet.