Continental builds profit – chip deficiency prints on the business

Continental builds profit - chip deficiency prints on the business

Continental has continued to stabilize after the hard year 2020 – but the lack of microchips also shows clear traces in the car supplier. The Hanoverans were able to earn a net profit of 545 million euros in the second quarter after a loss of 741 million euros in the pandemic challenges had incurred a loss of 741 million euros. Most recently, a number of new orders set up, the Group reports. The Rubber Technologies called tire business was well run well, for example in the original equipment rusting of electric cars.

Already in the first annual quarter, a relaxation had been shown when the company turned a previous year’s minus of 292 million in a plus of 448 million euros. Between April and June, the total revenue now increased by almost half to 9.9 billion euros.

Uncertainty, however, still brings the global scarcity in electronics components. Continental Chef Nikolai Setzer explained: "Overall, the chip bottleneck and rising commodity prices will burden the automotive industry throughout 2021." This falls in a time in which rough parts of demand are actually back. Continental blinds in a message, it has rough appearance, for example, for coarse-flat vehicle displays.


Breaking landing during the european championship: police determine according to greenpeace action

Breaking landing during the European Championship: Police determine according to Greenpeace action

Originally a paraglider controller on Tuesday evening about the field of Munchner Em-Arena short before the Fubball Game Germany against France on behalf of Greenpeace dropped a rough latex ball. The action, which should be directed against Volkswagen’s product policy, failed, the plane came to the steel cable construction of the stadium roof into the spinning and avoided just a crash into the viewer range. The pilot had to stimulate on the lawn.

Two men were injured in the action. They were medically supplied by the rescue service, an emergency doctor did not have to take care of them, shared the Muncher police. The paraglider pilot was arrested. The police are now calculating because of different offenses according to the Criminal Code and the Air Transport Act.

"We ask the two injured sincerely and reproduced apologize and hope that they are getting better soon. Even with the players and viewers: inside we apologized for the shock second", explained Greenpeace. After a failure of the electric motor drive lever, the paraglider pilot had emergency nozzles on the grass of the Arena.


Study: high demand for electric cars could lead to nickel shortage

Study: High demand for electric cars could lead to nickel shortage

A strongly increasing demand due to the e-mobilitat and at the same time high recycling requirements could put prere on the supply of nickel in the coming years. The important metal – so far mainly used in steel production – was allowed to prefabricated in the production of batteries in still rough circumference. The German Commodity Agency (Dera) is estimated in a recent analysis that nickel is already 2025 behind the use as part of alloys and stainless steels for the second highest for energy storage, for example in electrical drives.

This could be accompanied by risks with available and sustainability, it is called to the study presented on Tuesday. "We ame that the global nickel needs will increase around 2.4 to 3.4 million tonnes of 2025 depending on the scenario today", So Michael Szurlies from the Federal Institute for Earth Sciences and Raw Materials (BGR) in Hannover. The DERA Berat as a special department of the BGR the Federal Government, Economics and NGOs in raw material topics, for example for security of supply and the ocological consequences.

Nickel is now "Key" for the traffic and energy transition. As with other resources, Germany and many other countries are dependent on those states in which the gros is required. In the case of nickel is the Indonesia. The Sudostasian Land was allowed to rise in the course of the next four years – in the case of undisputed top position in the demand – now also to the large actor in the refinement (raffinade), the Dera esteem. On the world market for nickel, the concentration and thus the power of the main suppliers continued to increase. To what extent this is due to prices of end products is still hard to say.


Zettel’s nightmare of digital domination

On the small paradigm shift of an old medium

Microsoft’s Word presents an icon showing a sheet of paper with a dog’s ear at the right corner. Lines are indicated that run across the sheet. Countless times a day this paperless document is opened, stubbornly proclaiming its origins in the days of paper. Not so much different from those first cars, which could not deny their conceptual birth in the age of stagecoaches. The carriage-like nature of cars with their delightfully purposeless running boards is history. We learn to better understand a new medium as a supposed borrowing from a traditional one, but this very perception also creates the obstacles to understanding the phenomenological peculiarities of new media.

Digital texts, however, are not to be understood, not to be touched, nothing is inscribed, but we possess a magic board on which signs are created that can be corrected without a trace, at least on the surfaces. Our work is surrounded by the aura of the text, which tends to be always finished, even perfect. Why then has the paperless office so far remained a fiction?? Are there lingering habits that still prevent us from banishing the last remnants of paper from our highly organized workday, or do we still need paper?. to scan away? How anachronistic are in the age of Word, RTF, PDF etc. the interfaces of highly organized hard disks and our (un)secret paper economy?


“Can i have the acts of the man of my beloved?”

Unauthorized "File Sharing" At the French police

The police must be better informed – this formula is in the textbook of each interior minister far ahead. Also the French Minister of Interior Brice Hortefeux wants to collect more data. The question is, however: how safe are the data from unauthorized access to the police?

With repeated indications, how much a better file situation is the finding work of the police, Hortefeux managed to reinstall the controversial and finally tilted database EDVIGIGE, away from the critical public, which had the event a little overslept, maybe because Hortefeux On the name Edvige renounced – but not for information that should already collect EDPIGE (see the miraculous resurrection of a seemed notes).


Ifo-institut: reducing the vat has missed goal

Ifo-Institut: Reducing the VAT has missed goal

The temporary reduction in VAT has barely brought a bit brought after consulting the IFO Institute for the economy. Explained goal of the Federal Government was the burger "This to move to large acquisitions. This has not been achieved how two surveys suggest", wrote the economic researchers Clemens Fuest, Andreas Peichl and Florian Neumeier in a spectrum released on Monday.

Hardly increased private consumption

The reduction of VAT from July to December 2020 brought 6.3 billion euros to additional consumption. This corresponds to an increase in private consumer expenditure by only 0.6 percent against the previous year. The treasured tax loss amounts to 20 billion euros. "The decision not to be demanding VAT reduction out of December 2020 can only be buried before this background despite the still insecure situation of the economy", Stressed the economic researchers in their study.

The Ifo Institute had the Forsa Society for Social Research in October and November 30.000 Representative Bundesburger question. Most respondents said that, despite lower value added tax, they had waived consumption because the purchase was surprised and they expected higher expenses in the future. Only two percent of respondents said they had a great acquisition from July to October, to which they had renounced without VAT reduction. Of those who planned at the end of the end of greater acquisitions, it gave 12 percent in October and 29 percent in November that they were waived without VAT reduction.