You can not know everything

You can not know everything

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Lunches a propaganda work: Alex Proyas’ "Knowing" Kluges together a variety of worldviews together and continues to write the work of his author.

The criticism is as obvious as short-sighted: Who Alex Proyas’ "Knowing" has seen, it can be very easy about the conclusion, which designs a pre-Christian idyll – and consequently the film as "Propaganda film of the Christian rights" abbey. For this one-sided ideology-critical approach, however, you have to hide too many details than you can appear in the event of a closer look at.


Wahabi king gives bareheaded melania the hand

Wahabi king shakes hands with bareheaded melania

Image: Female House

While Donald Trump is on a state visit to Saudi Arabia, the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN are all circulating new rumors on the Russia affair

In Saudi Arabia, Salafist Wahabism is the State Doctrine. Among other things, it prohibits men from shaking hands with women who are not their own and stipulates that the latter may only leave the house dressed in an abaja or other garment that covers the hair and contours. Melania Trump, the wife of the new U.S. president who is accompanying him on his state visit, donned no such garb or headscarf for the occasion as she shook hands with the Saudi king at a reception yesterday.


Political culture in bavaria

The force-making demonstrators against the security conference remained in Munchen, according to the Interior Minister has thus "Bavarian line protected excellently"

The demonstration ban in Munchen is in advance, the security conference too. The demonstrations still took place. The balance sheet points "849 Liberty MABs", 7.000 demonstrators and over 4.000 police officers. These are the numbers, but what do the munchner events mean last days?

The police celebrate their commitment as a rough success and conflicted on Sunday against premieges of domestic spokeswoman of the Grununen Landtag Group, Susanna thousand friend, the deployment "superconducted and counterproductive" been.


Planned launch of the us satellite a test of the missile defense system?

Russian government aubert doubt about the motifs of the Pentagon, which wants to push off the superimposed spy satellites before entering the atmosphere

Yesterday, the Russian Ministry of Defense exults his concern that the launch of a $ 2.5 tonnes planned by the Pentagon could serve as a test of a new strategic rocket as a test of a National Reconnaissance Office National Reconnaissance Office. The satellite had been brought into his orbit in December 2006, but the communication to him had been interrupted quickly. After the no longer controllable satellite threatens to penetrate Marz into the Earth’s atmosphere, US Prasident Bush has given the marine permission to shut down it before entering.

Planned launch of the US satellite A test of the missile defense system?

Wide a SM-3 rocket from an Aegis destroyer. Image: Pentagon