Amazon: more than 400 parliamentarians demand social business policy

Amazon: More than 400 parliamentarians demand social business policy

In an open letter, politicians from all over the world have highly criticized to Amazon and its land of Jeff Bezos. The letter signed by 401 deputies and officials from 34 states refers to the high levels of revenues and gains that the company regularly achieves, which, however, their views are too low tax payments and salaries. In addition, Amazon’s environmental policy criticizes.

So it is said that Amazon’s Okological Fubprint is coarse than that of two-thirds of all states and has often not been adhered to previous commitments in terms of more environmentally friendly operation. Also, Confirmed programs for reducing emission reduction are not sufficient to achieve a balanced or even positive balance sheet. However, concrete numbers or unauthorized commitments are missing in the text.

Control maintenance hurts the publicity

On the other hand, it looks different from the prompts to avoid tax payments. So it is called that Amazon in the years 2017 and 2018 in the United States did not pay any boring tax at national level. In addition, the signatories make targeted profit shifts to the company – with the aim of reducing the tax burden as far as possible. "Through their global tax evasion, they harm the public care in the areas of health, education, living, social security and infrastructure, "so the text of the open letter.


Cz smart: first smartwatch of citizen

CZ Smart: First SmartWatch of Citizen

The Japanese watch manufacturer Citizen launches its first purebred SmartWatch in the United States. the "CZ Smart" In the classic chronograph look runs on a Snapdragon 3100 and with Google’s Wearos. The round OLED display measures 3.25 centimeters in diameter (416 × 416 pixels) and is enclosed by a non-rotatable diver watch lunette. With a GPS sensor and NFC chip the clock is equipped with time.

In addition to GPS, NFC and a gyroscope, the Citizen-Smartwatches sensors for acceleration, air prere, ambient light and pulse have. The clock takes up via Bluetooth and WLAN connection. Using built-in speaker and microphone you can accept calls directly on the clock and answer. Thanks to the built-in NFC chip, the CZ Smart can also be used to pay with Google Pay. To the built-in battery, Citizen does not provide any information, but gives the running time of the clock with over 24 hours. Certain software modes should allow for maturities of several days.

Basis "CZ Smart" is the already septic Snapdragon 3100, whose four Cortex A7 cores with up to 1.2 GHz clocks. The flotter successor Snapdragon 4100+ introduced in the summer, which is manufactured in the 12 Nm process, probably came to Spat. The Wearos platform supports activity and health tracking with Google Fit. Numerous applications are available in the Google Play Store; Citizen has the run app strava, the security solution "Noonlight" as well as Spotify preinstalled. For more downloads, 8 GB of memory are available.


In the name of buddha

The 14. Dalai Lama

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for trying to find a diplomatic solution despite 50 years of oppression of his people by the Chinese. In the 2000. Theme evening Arte takes on his life.

In 1991, Hans Robert Eisenhauer in Strabburg at Arte had the task to put a whole TV evening of 3 1/2 hours under one topic – and that also up to three times a week. Completely crazy in the age of the MTV generation, where films that show the same shot for more than half a second were considered old-fashioned, dull and boring, and where three hours might be allowed for "The Lord of the Rings," but not for documentaries?


Communication problems between nursing staff and doctors

USA: reactions to the first case of an Ebola disease

An interesting communication phrases: the name and photos of the man who seriously suffered seriously in the US in the consequences of infectance with the Ebola virus were quickly transferred to an openness far above the national borders. On the other hand, the information of the diseased remained, after which he was from a country with a lot of Ebola disassembles, Liberia, in the hospital without relevant receptionist. She fuzzed; In the official language usage: "The Information What Not Fully Communicated."

The man had entered the hospital in Dallas because of fever and abdominal pain, where he paid a nurse on request that he should have been in West Africa in West Africa. Since only slightly increased temperature and no serious symptoms were detected, he was sent home with antibiotics again. His stay at the Ebola epidemic area went in hospital operation.


Few glaciers, more flood and durries

Hamburg meteorologists have a prognosis for the climate in Germany at the end of the 21. Town hundred

Climate change is expensive, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is safe. Not only in the poor countries who see in the tropics or as small island states to see the unbillary change in a special mabe. Also in Central Europe is expected with drastic changes in precipitation patterns, average temperatures and flood hazards, the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases should continue to increase. For the first time, Hamburg meteorologists have a detailed forecast for the time towards the end of the 21. Century dared to the 25. April was presented on a joint workshop by UBA and the Hamburg Max Planck Institute for Meteorology.

There is no shortage of warnings before climate change. In 2003, for example, in a joint explanation of the meteorological societies in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, it bothered:


Two-child policy

China relaxes control of population growth

According to a report by the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the Communist Party of China decided at its Central Committee meeting yesterday to further relax the one-child policy introduced in 1979 and change it to a two-child policy. The decision still needs to be confirmed by the People’s Congress to take effect.

The one-child policy was implemented in China in different ways locally through a mixed system of high compensation payments to the state ("shehui fuyang fei") and utility incentives were enforced: one-child families were given preference in health care, pensions, vacations, and housing. There were, however, exceptions to the "Population and family planning measures"For example, more children were due to members of more than 50 ethnic minorities – differentiated according to whether they lived in urban, rural or undeveloped areas.


“You have to treat the escapeons with all respect as human beings”

A conversation with Frederico Barroela, the head of the Buros of the "Arzte without Borders" in Tangier, about the situation of the escape in Morocco

For two years, the aid organization has been working without boundaries in various regions of Morocco with lively with immigrants from countries of the Sahara. In addition to the Central Buro in the capital of Rabat, projects in Nador, near the Spanish enclave Melilla, in Oujda on the Algerian border and finally entertained in Tangier. Recently, the organization published a report on violence and immigration, which provided for rough attention. A major part of the medical treatments of immigrants was caused by violence, committed by the Moroccan (52%) and Spanish Police (15%). A conversation with Frederico Barroela, the head of the Buros of the "Arzte without limits" in Tangier.

Last weekend they were in the south of Morocco to check the living conditions of immigrants, which are interned in a militar bases.

Frederico Barroela: Three days we have waited in vain before the Kasernentor. It’s just unbelievable, we did not get access to the approximately 1.500 escape strings that were in buses for three days. We only wanted to check the health status and accommodation. We are known as a professional organization, have been checking for these people for two years and have a right to see them. But objective observers do not want the authorities. Morocco probably has enough after all the negative reports of inhuman treatment and violence against immigrants.

Frederico Barroela: That can be well possible, but in the end they only make everything worse. Where did the immigrants come from in this internment camp?

Frederico Barroela: These were immigrants, which Spain deported to Morocco Backup and then all who had arrested Morocco in the last weeks at the border and around Ceuta and Melilla. There was a kind of collecting transport, which one intermediate in the militar bases. What does the immigrants do there?

Frederico Barroela: They were flown out in the home standards. What could not be so easy because you have to find out all the nationalities.

Frederico Barroela: Needed are FUF or six different nationalities. But there were diplomatic representatives of the affected countries and assorted their nationality. Then it obviously went by aircraft to Mali, Nigeria, Senegal or Guinea. Anyway, people were continuously brought away in buses. I suppose the embassy representatives are necessary because many immigrants like to lose their passe to avoid being reduced.

Frederico Barroela: Do you know, we do not ask for the pass. We treat our patients and it has it. We offer the immigrants from the countries sahara medical care as they have no access to the Moroccan healthcare system as illegal. The rest is no matter us. There are so many escape in the room tangier that a treatment center is required here?

Frederico Barroela: It was possible between 1.000 and 1.500 people. That fluctuates and is seasonal. In summer it is more than in winter, where the sea is stormy and only very, very few boats the crossing to Spain car. But last year it became more and more. Through the stronger controls on both sides, it is increasingly difficult to overcome the strait. The immigrants are fixed and become more and more. The numbers also depart from the police raids, how many arrested and deported to Oujda and how many when they are back to Tangier. Working "Arzte without limits" also on the Algerian side? There is now also camps with around 3,000 immigrants, which, unmolested by the Moroccan police, wait for the situation to calm down.

Frederico Barroela: No, so far we did not work on Algerian side. The problems were made out of Morocco. In medical practice you can usually make first aid. What do you do with harder traps?

Frederico Barroela: The patients we can not treat, we bring in Moroccan hospitals. Succeeds without problems? Moroccans often have very gross difficulties without getting the appropriate treatment.

Frederico Barroela: First, this is a matter of medical ethics. Every doctor must treat a patient who is wounded. In addition, we deliver the drugs and the material.


Thousands of bmw employees in the usa without being allowed

Thousands of BMW employees in the USA without being allowed

The company had already on Monday (6. April 2020) informed that the production break in European and North American works will be required by the end of April. The reason is the world’s weak demand for cars. However, the associates receive the information, but further their agreed social benefits such as health insurance payments.

The step trap BMW not easy

The situation was allowed to stop until production will be resumed. A few thousands of employees are affected. BMW employed in the US plant in Spartanburg (South Carolina) around 11.000 employees. The step is not easy for the company, strolling it.

An a similar step had also made other carmakers in the US, including Tesla. An instrument such as the short-time acquisition of Europe known in Germany and other parts of Europe have not existed in the US, but with the US government’s economic aid, but limited unemployment assistance was expanded. Now employers should also be possible to vacuum for up to four months instead of dismissing them. During this time, the state was influenced by the salary.