Communication problems between nursing staff and doctors

USA: reactions to the first case of an Ebola disease

An interesting communication phrases: the name and photos of the man who seriously suffered seriously in the US in the consequences of infectance with the Ebola virus were quickly transferred to an openness far above the national borders. On the other hand, the information of the diseased remained, after which he was from a country with a lot of Ebola disassembles, Liberia, in the hospital without relevant receptionist. She fuzzed; In the official language usage: "The Information What Not Fully Communicated."

The man had entered the hospital in Dallas because of fever and abdominal pain, where he paid a nurse on request that he should have been in West Africa in West Africa. Since only slightly increased temperature and no serious symptoms were detected, he was sent home with antibiotics again. His stay at the Ebola epidemic area went in hospital operation.

Only after two days when the man suffered from severe disease symptoms and came back to the hospital, the possibility of an Ebola disease was considered. According to a relative, this process was initially launched by his call at the Health Health Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Noteworthy is another communication phrasing that does not play a small role in Ebola. Reporters of the New York Times describe a conversation that they’ve led to them in the residential district in Dallas, where the patient had stopped. In a CAFE, a group of the transfer of the virus was maintained, information was exchanged, according to which only a consultation on the knee is already rich.

Although this is still away from the magical-inspired fiction, which is to circulate in African villages, according to which the saying of the word alone "Ebola" For contagion, but also the disinformation circulated in Dallas indicates which possibilities for clear, denunciation and panic will provide the Ebola virus in the information society of modern states. So the media accompaniment of the work of the CDC team, which now checks the contacts that the diseased man had some attention and responsibility.


So far, panic has failed to read in US media today. Is criticized that the case in the US is one "SOAP OPERA" be rushed out if you look at the really ranging situation in the West African countries, where the spread of the virus is still over control. Since it is the "first case of an Ebola disease, whose disease symptoms developed during the stay in the USA", Him with reporting with detective excitement.

Thus, the stay of the man at the airport in Brussel on the subject – although he had no disease symptoms at this time – as the quartaine in which the ambulance is located, with the one in the USA some days later in the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was admitted to Dallas – and above all the five schools "Four different schools", with which the man had contact, as well as with 13 other – so far – not mentioned persons.

The eligible persons were all medically monitored, it is called, for at least 21 days, which corresponds to the incubation period. The publicity is clarified with repeated indications that contagion with the virus is only possible if the Trager show disease symptoms; The transfer takes only if you come in direct contact with body flow of the diseased.

The infection of the man in Liberia was carried out after a tragic pattern spread in the surferted West African landscapes in the family, which was in vain – and since they were weak, accompanied by their relocations they had sought and wore – wanted after a hospital court. The woman, who died later, should have been in the taxi in a miserable state.

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