Easter: internal paper warns of danger for internal security

Escape: OVP Guided Ministry of Home Office is concerned that police is too tied and conflicts "Authorization of the legal structures" could lead

Bayerische Rundfunk is his own information "Secret paper" enters, in the Easter-Rich security ovens "Migration" analyze.

The document that would be warned at Easter-Rich such as Bavarian – from where it was probably addressed by the path to the medium with the well-known contacts to the Bavarian government, warns, so it is quoted out of it, before the "Danger for maintaining public order, tranquility and security through the massive binding of the police personnel to settle the activities related to illegal entry."

Asylum and supply systems in Austria Drohe a surprise. With dramatic words, it is also pointed to the danger of interethnic and interreligious conflicts. They were able to go to "Authorization of the legal structures" drove, the comments of the Osterreichian Ministry of the Interior is played back.

The growing number of flights on the different routes by Balkanander is addressed and the high speed of the trails. "Before" Had escapeons for the way through Serbia and Macedonia "two weeks" Used, now he still lasts until 16 hours, which is why ".Depending on the current situation, up to 15.000 people at the Eastern and Sudost borders of Austria could wait for an entry opportunity".

It is also addressed that from Turkey still a coarse influx of escape strings is possible. Once, because the situation in the Turkish-Syrian border area "massive destabilization", What could move mainly Kurds to escape. On the other hand, because only 10 percent of the escape warehouses were good in the Turkish border area to Syria.

The lack of support through the international community and the uncertainty of the escape of the escape could quickly lead to a strong emigration towards Europe.

The paper of the Ministry of the Interior circulates in the middle of the election campaign for the election in Oberosterreich on Sunday, from which the newspaper Kurier reports that a turnout of 80 percent is expected.

According to surveys, the FPO could double the votes of votes from the election 2009 from 15 to 31%. The strong man of "Blue" Is Hans-Christian Strache.

Thematic draft horse number 1 The Strache Party are the escape. That meets with the election:

So far, immigration was disrupted on the conurbations, through the war in Syria she looks down in small communities. And so also calls a rough majority of the Oberosterreicher "Refugees" As the most important election decision, followed by "Workplace".


Strache Weis to use this for headlines – like today with one of him "planned" Ministerial accusation against Minister of Interior Mikl-Leitner (OVP) and head of government Werner Faymann (SPO). They had in the escape question "clash", So Strache.

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