Where have all the indians gone??

Of some who went out to become pirates

It looked as if the new party was going to represent the interests of the youth in a completely non-political way: Free, free music legally for all. For example, with the famous Kulturflatrate, which some philistines, however, already again preferably under the supervision of ARD and ZDF duly wanted to see collected by the GEZ. The term "pirate" actually has a positive connotation: Freebooters of knowledge or pirate radio stations, which bypass restrictive telecommunications legislation to broadcast hot music from the high seas, free software, free encyclopedias… – or just a bland party with free beer?

Once upon a time I was a revolutionary, a lamp cleaner by marital status; I walked in revolutionary step with the revolutionaries.

And he shouted: ‘I revolt!And the Revoluzzermutze he shoved on the left ear, Kam himself hochst dangerously before.

But the revolutionaries walked in the middle of the street, where he usually cleans all the gas lanterns without being dirty.

To remove them from the ground, the gas lanterns were plucked out of the pavement for the purpose of building barricades.

The rough example sits in Sweden: the Piratpartiet. It was founded on the occasion of the raid on Pirate Bay and sees itself as the "Grunen of the software", who want to protect not the natural, but the intellectual resources of the country from exploitation by industry. Such a movement was urgently needed, but the Pirate Party has the tactical disadvantage that the other party uses the term "copyright" Pirate has already proved itself here, and negatively. Who calls himself a pirate in this area, achieves the desired provocation, but at the same time puts on a shoe, which does not fit him at all.

Nevertheless, the political program of the Swedish Pirate Party was not blind actionism, but quite well thought out. The success was enormous: within less than 24 hours they had gathered the 2000 signatures necessary for the foundation of a Swedish party, and after a short time they had more members than the Swedish Green Party. The press echo was overwhelming. In the rest of the EU, too, pirate parties have now been founded on the Swedish model, first in Austria and then, the Sunday before last, in Germany.

But now the Swedish Pirate Party has failed in Sunday’s election It has not reached the 4% required for a seat in the Swedish Parliament, and it has not even reached the 1% that would ensure participation in the Election Support Fund, which could then also finance future election campaigns. Only 0.62% of the voters could take pity on the liberation of knowledge. The ie was not popular enough with the general public, who do not care if lawyers and corporations sue individuals into the ground or if historical books and films are burned (The Cultural Inquisitor), as long as they themselves are not affected.

The German Pirate Party, on the other hand, has severe organizational problems. They don’t want to be a pure "Spabpartei" like the APPD, but that’s all they seem to be able to do. The audience voices range from "have already gone through the incompetence and disorganization of the Grunens after 20 years of parliament within eight weeks without parliament" up to "are already as dead as the CCC without Wau Holland and Andy Muller-Maguhn after 25 years". Telepolis was also approached by the inner circle of the German Pirate Party about a reporting article, but shortly after the command went back and they were even asked never to mention to other party members where the tip came from, because not every party member is allowed to talk to the press. The members who had something to say and who were not forbidden to speak, should be told about the Private Message-Contact the function of the forum, most of them did not have e-mail, or their knowledge had at least betrayed the informant, who did not want to be one anymore.

Meanwhile, the party leadership continued to argue about whether the best way to recruit and inform members was through a wiki, a forum, or Internet Relay Chat (IRC), while some party members were surprised to find that the majority of those who were most vocal and professional on the forum and IRC were in the 12-14 age group.

The political program was initially supposed to be created via wiki, later posts in the forum were preferred instead. The first response to concrete suggestions, however, was that such a post could not contain web addresses under any circumstances, for God’s sake, because of the liability for links. They were even afraid of links on our site – after all, this is a very subversive address, which has been discredited by the music industry for a long time.

It’s strange when those who want to be pirates are more afraid of links than bloggers who are already blessed with warnings by the dozen. It is also strange, if the webmaster of an internet pirate party in this case is not able to switch off the automatic linking in his forum by HTML code. After also other organizations like Stop1984 love their first enthusiasm uber the new party very fast to fall, this gives the impression that the freshly made Piraten will not even leave the protecting port, but already now brown pants wear.

More than enough lawsuits have been filed in Germany against the freedom of opinion, information and culture on the Internet, and reactionary rants such as ‘…’, ‘…’, ‘…’, ‘…’, ‘…’, ‘…’ and ‘…’ have been used "Good people" have become salonfahig again, although they originate from the linguistic usage of the national socialists. Likewise, it is always said exactly "The Internet is not a lawless space!", when it is concretely about using tricks to enforce a crooked Wild West court decision. It is only logical that the new old masters of the Net should regard its previous inhabitants as "Net Indian" which are to be shot and exterminated consequently just like the American original population. And this seems to have succeeded in the meantime, with a pirate party, which is more afraid of its own courage than its opponents and whose members, in contrast to those, would never dare to cross the intersection at night after a look to the left and to the right also sometimes at red..

But our revolutionary cried out: ‘I am the lamp cleaner of this good luminous light. Please, please, do not hurt him!

If we turn off the lights, no burger will be able to see anything, keep the lights on, I beg you! Cause if we don’t, I’ll be out of the game!’

But the revolters laughed, And the gas lamps cracked, And the lamplighter crept away and wept bitterly.

Then he stayed at home And wrote a book there: How to revolt and clean lamps at the same time. Erich Muhsam – The Revoluzzer

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