Amazon: more than 400 parliamentarians demand social business policy

Amazon: More than 400 parliamentarians demand social business policy

In an open letter, politicians from all over the world have highly criticized to Amazon and its land of Jeff Bezos. The letter signed by 401 deputies and officials from 34 states refers to the high levels of revenues and gains that the company regularly achieves, which, however, their views are too low tax payments and salaries. In addition, Amazon’s environmental policy criticizes.

So it is said that Amazon’s Okological Fubprint is coarse than that of two-thirds of all states and has often not been adhered to previous commitments in terms of more environmentally friendly operation. Also, Confirmed programs for reducing emission reduction are not sufficient to achieve a balanced or even positive balance sheet. However, concrete numbers or unauthorized commitments are missing in the text.

Control maintenance hurts the publicity

On the other hand, it looks different from the prompts to avoid tax payments. So it is called that Amazon in the years 2017 and 2018 in the United States did not pay any boring tax at national level. In addition, the signatories make targeted profit shifts to the company – with the aim of reducing the tax burden as far as possible. "Through their global tax evasion, they harm the public care in the areas of health, education, living, social security and infrastructure, "so the text of the open letter.

Ultimately, the supports also announce the unequal income development. While Jeff Bezos’ were missing on more than $ 180 billion, which is probably 13 million US dollars per hour of growth in the course of 2020, Amazon employees have received no or only low salary levels. Who opens up against working conditions and organize themselves with colleagues, had to expect retaliations from the company’s parties.

30 The 401 signatories come from Germany, including 19 MPs of the Bundestag. The criticism is also ignited by politicians from Australia, Canada and numerous European states. Most of them are to be assigned to the left party spectrum. The most famous are the former British Labor Chair Jeremy Corbyn as well as the former Greek Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis.

In Germany there is always strikes on German Amazon locations, most recently at the end of November at the high-sales Black Friday. The Union Verdi calls for the inclusion of collective bargaining and thus incorporating the payment and working conditions. On the other hand, Amazon refers to a fee, which is at the top of the industry-owned move.

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