Thousands of bmw employees in the usa without being allowed

Thousands of BMW employees in the USA without being allowed

The company had already on Monday (6. April 2020) informed that the production break in European and North American works will be required by the end of April. The reason is the world’s weak demand for cars. However, the associates receive the information, but further their agreed social benefits such as health insurance payments.

The step trap BMW not easy

The situation was allowed to stop until production will be resumed. A few thousands of employees are affected. BMW employed in the US plant in Spartanburg (South Carolina) around 11.000 employees. The step is not easy for the company, strolling it.

An a similar step had also made other carmakers in the US, including Tesla. An instrument such as the short-time acquisition of Europe known in Germany and other parts of Europe have not existed in the US, but with the US government’s economic aid, but limited unemployment assistance was expanded. Now employers should also be possible to vacuum for up to four months instead of dismissing them. During this time, the state was influenced by the salary.

In addition to BMW, the Volkswagen and Daimler’s wage replacement benefits are also used in European countries in addition to BMW in addition to the state of the state.

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