Esa: french pesquet should fly with spacex capsule to the iss

ESA: French pesquet should fly with Spacex capsule to the ISS

The Frenchman Thomas Pesquet is expected to start in the spring of the year 2021 as the first Europe with a room capsule of the US company Spacex to the ISS. The opposite Crew-2 is to start by Cape Canaveral, pesquet ware after almost ten years the first europe since Roberto Vittori, who flies from the United States to the International Space Station. His second ISS mission should take six months and ends the name "alpha" After the star Alpha Centauri. As evasive astronaut, the German Matthias Maurer will prepare to take place if necessary pesquets no matter.

It gets full on the ISS

ESA: French pesquet should fly with Spacex capsule to the ISS


With the booking of the flight in a Crew Dragon by Spacex, the European space agency ESA reacts to the successful virgin flight of the capsule to the ISS. He was succeeded in late May and now the jerk flight of the two astronauts stands to the earth, which should start on the weekend. "I am excited to be the first Europe who can fly with the new generation of US spaceships", explained Pesquet, which was already on the ISS in 2016. The ESA is contrary to the fact that all active members of the Astronautskorps should do more flights to the ISS. Matthias Maurer is therefore the next in the series, for him the maiden flight to the All.

Thomas Pesquet and Matthias Maurer in the Johnson Space Center of NASA

In the Commercial Crew Program of NASA stands after the return of the two astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken on the weekend of the test flight of the second room capsule of Spacex to the ISS: at the end of September, the US astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker with the Japanese Soichi should Start Noguchi from Florida to the International Space Station. It will be the first operational flight from Spacex. The company meanwhile wants to prepare the crew Dragon endeavour of the first manned flight for her second flight, the pesquet will join in. He will then accompany the US astronaut Shane Kimbrough and Megan Mcarthur as well as the Japanese Akihiko Hoshide.

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