Puigdemont should now be prasident again

Puigdemont should now be prasident again

Protests in Barcelona. Image: Assamblea nacional

A quick delivery will not exist and the Catalan Parliament wants him to choose from all Spanish Hurden to the prassident

Spain had already hoped for it to quickly go with a delivery of Carles Puigdemont from Germany to Madrid. These ideas can be confidently freezed in the Spanish capital. This indicates that before Easter, no decision was allowed to fall in any case. "The decision will probably no longer go before Easter", said the spokeswoman of the Attorney General of Schleswig-Holstein, Wiebke Hosterler.

However, the state-of-office court has ied a retention arrangement, which means that Puigdemont remains in custody. Over the deportation, the Higher Regional Court will decide in Schleswig and that should actually happen in 60 days. If you look like a similar case, this looks very different in reality. For example, the German judiciary needed to deliver a bazaque more than a year. This should be delivered only to France, where constitutional standards – unlike in Spain – are largely observed and not tortured. May it allow Germany to imprison Puigdemont, which has never been deprived of an independent judiciary?

Also this time frame of a good one year was only possible, as in the view of the defender Germany "unlawful" Behavior and the asylum application of your client just killed by making a rather Spanish procedure. The asylum application had clearly delayed the process. And this path stands "legitimate prasident" Catalonia also open. With him you can certainly not proceed as with a largely unknown besque. And even in the case of the Basque, the delivery was allowed only under conditions. A judge with a fingertip fun, in the face of threatening torture that France had to are, the torture victim can not shut down after the new process according to Spain.

So, in the case of an attempt to make for the invoicing agent of Spanish repression, there is a long and tooth process in which hard will also be stomped around political ies and the special historical responsibility in the question. The rejection front is already quite wide and the arrest will probably contribute to make the absurd andemocratic advances of Spain against the Catalans even more clearly. This is already trained in some media when you read attributions in the Suddeutsche Zeitung, where now suddenly after PRO-Spanish reporting also from one "political prisoners" be spoken.

"What makes Spanish intelligence in Germany?"

You can also ask the question as the green Christian Strobele does: "What makes Spanish intelligence in Germany?" With which permission, the CNI, which persecuted Puigdemont, spies in Germany, Danemark and Finland. Again, inquiries threaten, the Left Party has already confessed resistance. The catalonia connoisseur Andrej Hunko also calls Puigdemont a political prisoner, and the left boss Bernd Riexinger demands his immediate freezing.

That there will be a delivery for the indictment due to rebellion (meaning a violent public uprising or coup), must also be doubted. It is largely doubted by experts that the accusation of the high treason can be used here. Actually, the Federal Government has charged a pretty difficult problem at all levels when decided to arrest Puigdemont in Germany instead of having to decide this question in Belgium.

It was probably also in Berlin that the opportunities for a delivery in Belgium look more than trace. The lawyer of the three former ministers in Brussel is very confident that the judge Pablo Llanera, who had to bring back the arrest warrants, would now bring a bloody nose to an independent judiciary. Gonzalo Boye says that on "The Spanish Justice is a rough surprise waiting if you will see that Belgium, Germany and Great Britain will not react as it wishes". From Switzerland, where the Secretary General of the Republican Left (ERC) has last discontinued, not to speak. Because there is not even the European arrest warrant, which makes a substantive examination of the premieges impossible.

So it is true that the Federal Government wanted to make a friendship service to the Spanish head of government Mariano Rajoy, which stands in the face of countless corruption scandals on the cant and abandon at any time, as the resistance in Spain is poured back on all levels, as the women and pensioners have shown.

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