Seti: catalog astrophysical anomalies for search for auberfriend

Seti: Catalog astrophysical anomalies for search for Auberfriend

Researchers of the SETI project Breakthrough lists have put together a comprehensive catalog of something about 100 astronomical anomalies, which should help in the search for intelligent Auberdirdish life.

In addition "Exotica Catalog" There is also a listing of archetypal representative for the different types of sky clippers and a collection of astronomical superlatives. There is still a list of objects that were once considered anomalies whose nature has closed. The catalog should not only help the breadthrough astronomers in choosing their observation goals.

A lot of money for scientific breakdowns

Breakthrough lists is one of the so-called Breakthrough initiatives financed by the Israeli-Russian billionar Yuri Milner. In addition to Breakthrough lists, which is dedicated to the search for clues to technological life in the universe, this is still part of Breakthrough Watch for the optical search for earth-tooth exoplanets and Breakthrough Starshot for the development of a spacecraft that can reach another star. Breakthrough lists had recently examined hundreds of stars after signals of intelligent Auberrandese creatures for several years – without result.

Your catalog is the first attempt lately to cover the entire bandwidth of astrophysical phenomena – from distant galaxies to objects in the solar system. He is sent by exports to the classification of objects and a new classification proposal for anomalies, ie for observations that are currently not completely explained. The scientists also want to contribute, which is no longer sought after extraterrestrial life that is similar to us. There are many more environments in which traces of technology could be found.

Uncredged anomalies in the universe

Heartstuck of the catalog is the list of via 100 astrophysical anomalies. This is located about the star KIC 8462852 with its mysterious brightness fluctuations, but also stars the seemingly completely disappear. The wow!-Signal can be found as well as "impossible" Triple star system that can not explain our astrophysical models. Przybylski’s star has made it to the list because of its unusual compilation of elements with partly excerpt short half-life. With NGC 247, a galaxy has also been made which has a gigantic cavity in which the composition of the stars distinguish significantly from the rest of the galaxy.

Seti: Catalog astrophysical anomalies for search for Auberfriend

The galaxy NGC 247 removed only about 11 million light years has (right) an unclear cavity.

The scientists have always pointed out that many now declared cosmic phenomena initially contradict the theories. So it took centuries until the nature of the rings of Saturn were closed. Even the current anomalies did not have to point to Aubertirdish life, but could show natural phenomena. But even when it comes to searching for Auberdischan life, it is unauthorized to be open, Pete has been explained by the Breakthrough Initiative. Until we knew more about the genesis of other civilizations and their technology, we had to explore all plausible objects. "Their cataloging is a first step towards this goal."

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