Political culture in bavaria

The force-making demonstrators against the security conference remained in Munchen, according to the Interior Minister has thus "Bavarian line protected excellently"

The demonstration ban in Munchen is in advance, the security conference too. The demonstrations still took place. The balance sheet points "849 Liberty MABs", 7.000 demonstrators and over 4.000 police officers. These are the numbers, but what do the munchner events mean last days?

The police celebrate their commitment as a rough success and conflicted on Sunday against premieges of domestic spokeswoman of the Grununen Landtag Group, Susanna thousand friend, the deployment "superconducted and counterproductive" been.

Political culture in Bavaria

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"Even if no final all-clear can be given, the previous expenditure course may be seen as a success. The confidently heavy riots and "Sickening action" were stopped. The overall use concept of the Munchner police with pre-controls and Low insertion wave has grasped. … The consistent approach to the action for the forbidden rallies has already suffocated the activities of potential violent participants in the germ. … 792 of the detainees are so-called. ‘Cotton taken’, ie persons who were moved from the Munchner police for the teeth or subcontracting of violence of the Munchner police." – Police report of Sunday

If you list what action possibilities a ban on demonstration open, the police strategy is designed according to a self fulfilling prophecy. If all the potential demonstrators stick to the prohibition, the absence of violence and material damages is sold as a success of the prohibition. If in Munchen, despite the prohibition of demonstrators, these can be removed, referring to the prohibition in custody. The encouragement was founded on site, if supervised, with the blob violated against the demonstration ban. On the other hand, the concrete purpose of the custody is the "Tightening or suppression of violence". Hardly any one of those affected, however, has actually become violent, nor existed in individual cases an opportunity to ame such a threat. This became a potential violent history by its presence against the demonstration ban.

"Instead of a trace of the foul and numerous sacrifices, as they had to detect other cities with comparable international conferences in recent years, again and again, there was in the environment of the 38. Munchner Security Conference after a first record of the police at least slight damage and no demonstrators injured in the actions. The Bavarian line has kept outstanding. The low insertion shaft based the police in advance and access controls as well as in the city center with eye mab and consequence. The professional work of the police force used dear the traveling or munchen-occurring violence no travel." – Conclusion of the Bavarian Interior Minister Gunther Beckstein on Spade Sunday afternoon

The well-known system worked perfectly. None of the officials take responsibility for one of his actions, all rather appointed to be only cycling in a system, export end of instructions. So the custody taken neither their legal situation were clarified, nor did they have the opportunity to make calls. The officials referred to their non-status of appropriate inquiries and the opportunity to take care of the later interrogation, which then never took place. Generally, the officials behaved in a kind that, above all, aimed to leave the affected person in the unclear what they expect. A necessity for the attempt of an injector, is not readily recognizable. In the same MAB, this applies to the whole ingestation from the moment of freedom to freigung. The custody taken were actually only undergoing standard treatment, which never went to violence for their relationship. When searching and ensuring the attempted things, there were sometimes exchanges that make correct evidence in lateral procedures.

The penal protection had the police up to 3.000 "Traceable demonstrators" announced. Contrary to the statements of the police spokesman Wenger, it is rather implausible that the "Traceable demonstrators" Due to the demonstration ban on it love to come to Munchchen. Gave already over 7.000 peaceful demonstrators to the ban little attention, it was likely to be not likely that "Traceable demonstrators" here less risky goods. So we expect again. Upon arrival, 30 people were arrested and 313 are backed up, ie a total of 343 may "rendering" Demonstrator. So where were the remaining 2.657 violent? Probably not with the demonstration, because despite the massive police expense it had given the opportunity for flying stones. However, the demonstrators held themselves peacefully, when on Friday evening at Marienplatz the officials of the special use commands Zurkichlich individual attendees from the crowd attacked and took in custody or firm.

The question of the justification of the ban is therefore not final clarifier. There is a possibility that the ban will be explained accordingly by the Federal Scarf Court for unlawfully. Many of the Rotkreuzplatz teashinned to complain against their encouragement. The prohibition of prohibition of the Administrative Court can be found in that Attac had not distanced itself from violent actions. In fact, Attac always called for non-violent protests.

This lengthy handling of facts and the generally vague determination of the threat in conjunctives lets the skepticism released against the demonstration ban entitled. Against this background, it is all the more problematic that a ban on the entire city of demonstration was adopted. So, in particular, there was no possible opportunity to succeed against the ban himself. With a good reason, the Federal Scarf Court has evaluated such a maaking only as a last way out, which should only be credited when all other possibilities have been disabled.

The critics of the security conference see the demonstrations coarse part as a success. Despite the prohibition and massive police expense, several days has been demonstrated peacefully, even if the content of the protest was showing in the background due to the situation, because finally the participation of transparent was prohibited. Cooked by highly custodized officials of special use commands, the protest of the protest in a response to the police praise itself and the demand for freedom of expression. After all, it often came to dialogue between demonstrators and random passers-by, which were equally affected by the police acceptance. These too were surprised and obvious in view of the occurrence of the police and joined the theories of Confederate violence skeptically opposite.

As a matter of principle, political culture seems to be arrived at one point where demonstrations are categorically no longer perceived as fundamental rights and overdies Aauch as articulation benefitly criticism. It is, carefully printed, an actual understanding of state and society when the state power protesters perceives only as enemies.

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