Piraus – harbor of hopelessness

Piraus - Harbor of Hopelessness

Image: F. Charcoal burner

More and more escape strands in the Greek harbor of Piraus: Because the European Union has its collection camps in the Greek islands. And because in Germany resisted the family reunification

Three girls sit on the floor and fill the barchen of a color book. Behind them, a parched parches on the quay wall, a few boys jump laughing in the harbor basin. You could keep the scenery on the Greek harbor of Pirau’s also for those of a Sunday afternoon excursion. Were not the tight camping tents, the overflowing Dixie Klos and the long snakes of people who spend a few helpers of the Red Cross.

Where normally ships loaded and ride passengers in the direction of the Greek islands, now involuntarily live hundreds of escape strands – stranded in superfilled waiting halls, on the asphalt between trucks and hurriedly built tents of aid organizations. Since the European Union has decided in its escape font agreement with Turkey, the collection camps in the Greek islands to space, endranged more and more more people in the port of Piraus – without sufficient care and without knowing how to continue with them.

"If we were waiting for German authorities, we were still dead"

In the shadow of two trucks, the entrance mentioned three girls are looking for their coloring book. With her father, Betul, Iman and Ahland are fled from the Syrian deir azzur before the IS. Her mother, paid the 13-year Betul, was lit with two other siblings a few weeks ago to Germany: "Now we drive to her", says Betul.

That she probably will not see her mother so soon, do not know the three sisters. "I have not yet told you that the border is closed", Says Father Mohammed. How the trip should go to Germany, he does not know. On the other hand, he sure otherwise he sure: "If we were waiting for the German authorities, we were still dead."

In the case of Jolana and Mohammed from Idlib, it is the three sons, which have already made it to Germany. "I’m sick, here there are no drugs for me. Everything I want is again to see my children again", Says the 54-year Jolana.

Piraus - Harbor of Hopelessness

Tent camp in Piraus. Image: F. Charcoal burner

For three days, the two live in something that was actually intended as a waiting room for driving passengers. Now people lie on the ground for people who do not possess much more than a felt blanket with UNHCR imprint. The air is stuffy. In the near the toilets, the stench is barely valid.

Most have relatives in Germany, at least they will see you soon

History Like those of Mezgin and Betul, there are in the port of Piraus Dozenfach: Father are on their way to their families, children to their parents, women to their husbandians. Families were torn apart by war and escape. There was really not the most stories that. Because in Germany the residence law regulates the summary of different families. Theoretically, therefore, recognized escape lines in Germany make up their spouses, parents and children each other.

But although last year at 1.2 million (from them about 600 remained.000) So many escapears like never before came to Germany, the numbers of approved family treasures have not risen. The German foreign representations in 2002 still presented over 80.000 VISA for family tightener, it was only 49 in the first nine months of 2015.000. Almost half of them are not attributable to escapeons, but to Germans who bring their foreign spouses to Germany.

Particularly clearly becomes the small number of combined families in the coasted escape group: only 4.500 Syrians were able to catch up in Germany last year.

Documents are not recognized, dates not forgiven

Why that is, Mezgin also. Between two tents hobbles the 14-year-old. On the run, she broke the fow, does she. The crushing got her from helpers on one of the Greek islands. Actually, the family from the Syrian-Kurdish Qamishli did not pretend to deny the arduous path about the Balkans.

Piraus - Harbor of Hopelessness

Mezgin with girlfriends. Image: F. Charcoal burner

"My father is already in Germany, actually he should get us to." But at the Consulate in Ankara, the waiting time had an appointment over a year: "And the German Embassy in Athens said she was not stateful", paid mezgin. The hope of her mother and her two sisters, but still to reach her father, she has not lost her yet. "It’s cold, we do not get enough to eat, it’s just disc here. We have to go to Germany."

The chaos for monthly waiting times at German foreign representatives, unrecognized documents by the local foreigners and eternal processing times could not be the only problem for many escape in the future: In November, the Federal Government decided to complicate the conditions of family reunification for escapeons again. Escape rods with the worse, the so-called subsidiar protective status, family-to-go in the future will catch up in the future after two years.

Although the subsidy protection was detected in 2015 only in 0.6 percent of all asylum decisions, but the ratio was drastically reversed this year. Most recently, the Ministry of Interior dismissed the BAMF to return to the bureaucratic contraception of subsidiarity.

Taking into account that escape is often waiting for months until your own asylum application is edited, and it can take another year until I behave the application for family absorption, escape warehouses will have to wait up to four years yourself, until you have your children, Parents or spouse again.

Piraus - Harbor of Hopelessness

Hammed. Image: F. Charcoal burner

Hammed is also one of them. The 14-year-old from the Syrian idlib stands drabs in the sun on the quay wall and stares motionless in the harbor basin. From Besenstiel and Knitted, he made himself an angel, now he is waiting – not only on the fish: Together with his father he is on his way to his mother to Germany. For the problem of the closed border, it has simpler solution as a year-long Burocratic procedure: "We just go and ask you to rebuild it."

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