The nene relief of the pirates

The way of a party into boring

At the end of 1979, Alfred Hilsberg in the magazine Sounds proker the term new German wave for a series of bands that were very different, but had together not held themselves to musical dogmas of the spades of 1970s. What projects such as the plan, German-American friendship and Palais Schaumburg began within a relatively transparent circle of interested parties, the munich was a good two and a half years later in Nena. Nena was commercially extremely successful – and all that on the mainstream and at the gecasted hollander inner ribbon of the spades of 1970s, with whom the music industry was so boring and concluded the music shop at that time,. Only in liver sausage, instead of in blast pants.

In the Pirate Party, which generally achieves double-digit values in surveys, seems to be a similar development: the pirates are more and more similar to the established parties. This shows, for example, in the new core topic Consumer Protection, where non-contract asymmetries are addressed, which allowed the telephone business models with cost traps and with the "Intelligent current payers" even significantly more federal castles could provide four- or five-storey shock calculations without increased consumption. Instead, one propagates the old immobility that the electoral gifts are in the preserved manner: The problem is explained to the minor matter and one calls instead of subsidies for electrical apparatus, which must not be created with RWE or with Siemens.

Nena at the Vienna city festival 2008. Photo: Manfred Werner. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

In the field of intellectual law, pirate career politicians explained as the Schleswig-Holsteiner Wolfgang Dudda and the North Rhine-Westphalian top candidate Joachim Paul meanwhile old core requirements for the blob of negotiation material. And during the previous two years ago, it is still debated to finance the public legal television through a submission of private broadcasters, the budget flat rate supplied by the established parties via state contract in the Pirate Party can now be suddenly as well as the program of ARD and ZDF.

Neo-Neynesian imaginations

From a tactical point of view, this may be a reasonable decision: who wants to win elections, which can do this without the opposition of the powerful billion machinery of ARD and ZDF better than with her. But with this and similar decisions broke a unique selling point of the pirates. That they did not offer a traditional program in many areas, was not a shortcoming, but a preference. But the pirates love themselves in the full program trap, although they had a much full full program with Liquid Democracy as the other parties.

Bundeswehr at Hinduzusch and rescue shavings for bankers and the euro? Daruber can be greatly decided the people! Or the part of the people who do not want to transfer this and the status of it not simply a party that says before the choice one and after the election often makes the exact opposite of it. A state whose force of which strong fundamental rights are anchored is no longer a fear of farming than those of politicians. This is especially true for the areas of dubbits and militar policy, where so far-reaching ambitions, as visible, for example in the Kosovo War, could be limited by the correct democracy from the corrective democracy.

But from Liquid Democracy, the less, the more positions in the full program of the Pirate Party. Positions that are sometimes different from those of other parties in their blurred. And positions that make printer animals, if one wants to suggest the election that one had enforced something in a coalition agreement – even if that is not a step towards Liquid democracy, but blob the neo-neynesian imaginations that also propagate other parties.

Mental liver sausage pants

In addition, after the extensive battles of exercises of individual pirate party members in mainstrammedia on Twitter and elsewhere sometimes sometimes the impression that pirates can be less free as SPD members. Nuclearia, BGE opponents or "Core", The potentially interesting minority arguments and views could contribute, are increasingly being carried out with census. Because of "Party report". Even questions to what extent the divorce law changed in 1976 by SPD and FDP may take effect on results that can be brought into consideration with the principle of equal treatment, tabuoured with thumbnails. For example, a relatively fearful discussion climate is necessary for new ideas (and not only old and chess pieces are pushed back on the political game board) the same ritualized preaching culture as at Union, SPD, Grunen, Left Party and FDP.

Particularly exposed in this regard Laura Schmalenbach, a philosophical student in the second semester. To your tweets since the high school time can be seamlessly shocked as you word like "Mispremacy" learns and prosemine army decreases, which had to be transferred to the theological options, because only more dogmas and taboos taught in them, but no longer questioned. If a nineteen-year-old such as Schmalenbach can accommodate their freshly acquired proseminar content such prasent, then the Pirate Party may not have a problem because women have too heavy to become something, but perhaps for the reason that some of them from them Manual majority is made too easy. Although the goods also a gender problem – but it is a little more complex than primitive patriarch statements.

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