“But where there is danger, that which can be saved also grows!”

The "Ready-to-go"-Bag, which Fema recommends. Image: Red Cross/

Disaster advice books thrive, more than a third of Britons have made preparations, a British astrobiologist clarifies what to know when nothing else works

The astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell, who also works for the British Space Agency, has published a book about the "Manual for rebooting the world", published in German by Hanser Verlag, a successful book for all apocalyptics who believe that the end of the world, or at least a major catastrophe or war, could be imminent. He promises readers "Everything you need to know when nothing works anymore". Survival training is a cult for the urbanized elite anyway, who also like to drive around the cities in SUVs and other land-going vehicles.


Doubtful block on cell phone use in new york tunnels

The U.S. Department of Justice is pushing for standards to be set up so that Internet use aboard airplanes can be intercepted in a matter of minutes

After the London bombings, the Port Authority and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York shut down the cell phone network in the tunnels going into Manhattan. As a result, cell phones could not be used in the Holland, Midtown, Lincoln and Battery tunnels. The precautionary measure is based on the fact that the Madrid attackers used cell phones to detonate the bombs. In addition, passengers are being asked in a campaign to watch out for abandoned luggage or bags.

Meanwhile, although the MTA has lifted the closure, the Port Authority has not yet for the Lincoln and Holland Tunnel. Police contradicted the MTA’s account that it did not order the lockdown because no call was needed in Madrid to find the bomb. The assassins had used the alarm clock integrated in the cell phones for this purpose. Michael R. Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, challenged the takedown, which was apparently carried out by the two authorities without consultation with other authorities. Bloomberg said the ability to use cell phones in tunnels brings more benefits than drawbacks.


Where cowboys shudder

May George W. Holding hands with Abdullah?

"Why do they hate us?" No other question so preoccupied the American public after the World Trade Center attacks as this one. The government tried by all means to get to the bottom of it. Sent hundreds of thousands of peace researchers to those countries where they tried to get to the root of the hatred, invested millions of dollars in "public diplomacy", to improve the image and failed so far. Neither the "Enduring Freedom"-Mission, nor the "Iraqi Liberation"-Mission, nor al-Hurra brought the decisive turnaround. The popularity of the Americans, especially their government, among the Arab population is still poor, as poll results have shown for several years now. Now the boss has taken matters into his own hands.

The mission, the terror and the love of the next: George W. Bush takes the matter seriously. And stays cool. A certain becoming is not to be denied to him, even if his compatriots often want to see it differently


Thousands of bmw employees in the usa without being allowed

Thousands of BMW employees in the USA without being allowed

The company had already on Monday (6. April 2020) informed that the production break in European and North American works will be required by the end of April. The reason is the world’s weak demand for cars. However, the associates receive the information, but further their agreed social benefits such as health insurance payments.

The step trap BMW not easy

The situation was allowed to stop until production will be resumed. A few thousands of employees are affected. BMW employed in the US plant in Spartanburg (South Carolina) around 11.000 employees. The step is not easy for the company, strolling it.

An a similar step had also made other carmakers in the US, including Tesla. An instrument such as the short-time acquisition of Europe known in Germany and other parts of Europe have not existed in the US, but with the US government’s economic aid, but limited unemployment assistance was expanded. Now employers should also be possible to vacuum for up to four months instead of dismissing them. During this time, the state was influenced by the salary.


Temporary work instead of an effortless hartz iv income

Josef Schlarmann, chairman of the Union for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, intervenes in the welfare state debate

Effortless prosperity is not Hartz IV, says Dr. Josef Schlarmann, the chairman of the Union of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (MIT). On the other hand, Schlarmann told Wirtschaftswoche that it is already an effortless income. Since this group earns its income at the expense of others, it is necessary to ask about those who can work but do not want to. The temporary employment industry should help in the search.

If possible, those who live on social benefits should also provide something in return – this basic idea runs through large parts of the current debate on the future of the welfare state in Germany. The idea of providing this service in return in the form of social work in the communities has been a topic of discussion again in the SPD since Hannelore Kraft. In principle, there is agreement between the black-yellow-red coalition on this ie, although there are differences when it comes to the specifics.


Seti: catalog astrophysical anomalies for search for auberfriend

Seti: Catalog astrophysical anomalies for search for Auberfriend

Researchers of the SETI project Breakthrough lists have put together a comprehensive catalog of something about 100 astronomical anomalies, which should help in the search for intelligent Auberdirdish life.

In addition "Exotica Catalog" There is also a listing of archetypal representative for the different types of sky clippers and a collection of astronomical superlatives. There is still a list of objects that were once considered anomalies whose nature has closed. The catalog should not only help the breadthrough astronomers in choosing their observation goals.

A lot of money for scientific breakdowns

Breakthrough lists is one of the so-called Breakthrough initiatives financed by the Israeli-Russian billionar Yuri Milner. In addition to Breakthrough lists, which is dedicated to the search for clues to technological life in the universe, this is still part of Breakthrough Watch for the optical search for earth-tooth exoplanets and Breakthrough Starshot for the development of a spacecraft that can reach another star. Breakthrough lists had recently examined hundreds of stars after signals of intelligent Auberrandese creatures for several years – without result.


Survey: ukrainians do not believe in the return of crimea

Vice-head of government of the peninsula criticizes abuse of the Eurovision Song Contest

According to a poll conducted by 112 Ukraina TV channel, 72 percent of Ukrainians do not believe that the Russian Federation will return the rule over Crimea, which belonged to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from 1954 to 1991 and to Ukraine from 1991 to 2014, to the government in Kiev. 12 percent of the respondents chose the following answer to this question "Possibly, but not in the foreseeable future", another 15 percent believe that this is due to "the constant political and economic prere on Russia" also possible in the foreseeable future, he said.

The Kiev leadership continues to be an adherent of this minority opinion: Interior Minister Arsen Avakov says that a special unit of the National Guard is being trained specifically for this purpose, and President Petro Poroshenko told the Vesti radio station that the process of returning Crimea is "extremely difficult", but also "promising" and had already begun. Specifically, he is having his Security and Defense Council examine how Russia could be sued in international courts. The Ministry of Defense and the General Staff are to work out plans to develop the city of Kherson, located northwest of Crimea, and other Black Sea ports.


International survey: rough majority convinced of at least partial anthropogenic climate warming

international survey: large majority convinced of at least partial anthropogenic climate warming

Most global warming deniers are in the U.S., but even there they are a small minority; many fear severe economic consequences, mass migration and wars

A YouGov survey of 30 countries surveyed by the 11. June to 22. The survey, which was conducted on July 1, makes it clear that a large majority of people in all countries are convinced that climate change is taking place and that it is mainly or at least partly caused by humans. According to the survey, there are hardly any people who say that there is no climate warming, only very few are convinced that there is climate warming, but that it is not caused by humans. The survey was conducted online, and its representativeness is questionable, especially, as YouGov itself notes, in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, India and Indonesia, where less than 60 percent of the population has Internet access.

One country in particular stands out: In the U.S., 9 percent say climate warming is not anthropogenic and 6 percent deny climate change. That’s more than any other country, even though 75 percent of Americans believe climate warming is at least partly caused by humans, according to the survey. Even in Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Egypt there are more climate change deniers and those who do not see humans as responsible. But even in Saudi Arabia, 71 percent say climate warming is at least partly caused by humans. In Germany it is 87 percent, in Great Britain 88 percent, in Qatar 93 percent, in India 94 percent, in Italy 95 percent, in Spain 96 percent.


Battle stars galactica with hornern on the helmet

Battle stars Galactica with Hornern on the helmet

All Pictures: Paramount Pictures

Gotterhammung at Marvel: Kenneth Branaghs "Thor"

A hero, blond like Siegfried, innocent like achill, muscle-packed like hector. A woman, smart like Athena, as Helena and bravely like Padme. An aging godfather, a brotherwoist, Bose Frostriesen, a pretty complicated world – exactly: What if not about the Late Seventy Trash spectacle "Battle stars Galactica" you have to think here? And auber that the frosttries are a bit of human than the cylons, actually lacking only a hammer and a few Viking helmets – and finished Thor, the latest comic superhero mapping spectacle in the cinema.


When western values are raised to the guideline ..

When Western values are raised to the guideline ..

In the New Year’s speeches of EU politicians, Western values are snapped a lot of space – a comment

The guideline of values not only pronds the New Year’s message of the German Chancellor, but she is also in the center of the speeches of other political drivers of the EU. Incidentally, it was stated that sometimes went wrong. For a self-criticism, it has only limited, my own failure nobody wanted to admit.

The Finnish Prasident Sauli Niinisto considers the displeasure of the EU burger, as in the political actions and the election behavior, during the last few years, articulated as a result of realized western values. Democracy, equivalence and freedom, there had not been given anywhere else to the same extent as opposed to the European continent. By mimicking protests, however, the danger of gaining the upper hand, which want to eliminate those values. Their defense must therefore be in focus of the efforts of democratically minded politicians.