Spotify offers better sound quality – for a surcharge

Spotify offers better sound quality - for a surcharge

Ohren mill promises Spotify to its users who want to pay something more. The price betrayed the streaming platform yet. Access to high-fidelity audio – called Spotify Hifi – will be made via a separate subscription. The service will be this year, for now but only in "selected market" be available, Spotify shares with.

With Spotify HiFi, the user gets access to a sound quality that corresponds to one CD. Competitive platforms such as Tidal already offer this now. Currently, Spotify users can access files in 320 kbps encoding, compared to the CD with 1411 KBPs. Despite this improvement, Spotify will be back behind the competition. Tidal achieved in his "Master plan" Even 9.216 kbps. Interestingly, this difference is only for music enthusiasts who have recoverates to can use the sound in extremely high playback.

Competitor Amazon already has its offer in 2019 "Amazon Music HD" Started, while Apple has no high-definition audio mode in its services. Spotify might make his hi-fi offer more interesting and therefore pages cooperations with loudspeaker manufacturers. But even here the company remains guilty.

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