Planned launch of the us satellite a test of the missile defense system?

Russian government aubert doubt about the motifs of the Pentagon, which wants to push off the superimposed spy satellites before entering the atmosphere

Yesterday, the Russian Ministry of Defense exults his concern that the launch of a $ 2.5 tonnes planned by the Pentagon could serve as a test of a new strategic rocket as a test of a National Reconnaissance Office National Reconnaissance Office. The satellite had been brought into his orbit in December 2006, but the communication to him had been interrupted quickly. After the no longer controllable satellite threatens to penetrate Marz into the Earth’s atmosphere, US Prasident Bush has given the marine permission to shut down it before entering.

Planned launch of the US satellite A test of the missile defense system?

Wide a SM-3 rocket from an Aegis destroyer. Image: Pentagon

The Pentagon and the Weibe House alleged the intention of shutting down the satellites with a rocket from an Aegis destroyer so that he has 450 kg of toxic rocket fuel hydrazine on board. With the shooting, the poison, which is the poison that is for people, from becoming inhaled, when it is inhaled to the earth, because you do not have exactly predicting exactly where the trummer will go down and the possibility that the tank does not exist When entering the atmosphere is destroyed.. The launch should be done if the Space Shuttle has landed from the International Space Station on Earth again.

It was to be the first attempt to shut down a satellite that pushes off. Since many satellites drove toxic fuels to manovring, it is doubted whether the hydrazine is the real reason, especially since it is unlikely that people could be directly dominated. Guesses go there, the Pentagon could probably prevent due to a destruction that so far secret equipment of the spy satellite in false Hande. However, this is unlikely because the satellite was dropped in hundreds or thousands of parts when entering the atmosphere. General James Cartwright had given these guesses as the important parts were burned in the atmosphere. Cartwright expert that one was trying to deport the satellite with up to three missiles. In use are the warships USS Lake Erie, USS Decatur and USS Russell. The command to prepare for the launch is according to information of the news agency AP already on the 4. I like January. So for a long time before the intention was announced.

The ships concerning the Aegis weapon system of the Navy are also part of the sea-owned missile defense system. Unlike the landscaped missile defense system, which has been there for some time with Russia conflicts because the US government wants to install a rocket and a radar system in Poland and the Czech Republic, the sea-resistant systems have to show better successes so far. The missile defense system is intended to destroy long-distance rakets in the ballistic flight over the earthly atmosphere with a rocket by the kinetic force of the impact. The launch of the spy satellite was definitely – at least with succeed – a demonstration for the controversial and expensive missile defense system, into which the Bush government also after the 11.9. still invested many billion dollars.

Although the Russian Ministry of Defense does not explicitly say that the planned launch is a test with space weapons, and explains that so far no violations of agreements are recognized, but the project still in question. There is no real need for such a shot, the hydrazine can not be a reason. Therefore, the US government must clear what dangerous materials are in addition to boarding the satellite, such as nuclear material. The Russian Ministry of Defense demands an analysis of the effects of such a launch, especially with regard to the manned space travel.

The Ministry of Defense Aubert nevertheless suspects how the news agency RIA Novosti reports, "that the US wants to exploit the Havaria to test your missile defense systems. If the scanning weapons are not equipped with remote measuring apparatus? These apparatures are not necessary not to determine the fact of destruction, but to test the scanning weapon itself."Doubt part of all because of the US government weighing, "Negotiations on the prohibition or. to record the limitation of the wettrust in space".

Russia and China have repeatedly demanded a ban on spreading in space. Only a few days ago became known that both Landers have again presented a proposal for a ban on space weapons to the United Nations. So far, only the stationing of weapons of mass destruction, but not the conventional weapon systems in space is prohibited.

At the beginning of the last year, China had shot down a weather satellite with a rocket shot down by the ground, which has raised rough distressing especially in the USA. The motives continue to be closed. While the one says that China carried out a weapon test, which, above all, demonstrate the military opportunities, especially to the US, the others say that China wanted to agree to the USA to tune an international agreement on the prohibition of stationation of weapons system in space ( China tested antisatellite weapon). Cartwright explained that the planned launch with the Chinese action is not comparable. The Chinese rocket hit the satellite much further away from the earth, which also led to the fact that its parts continue to circle around the earth and become dangerous for other satellites or the manned space trip.

General Cartwright Rooms on a press conference that the rocket are considered an antisatellite weapon. But it was a modified SM-3 acting only once. So the heat seeker sensor Http: // AP.Google.COM / Article / ALEQM5H-LGWDSBIEBIXXZSLVQKZRVIW2GD8UR1JKG0R 10 million dollars expensive rocket are rebuilt as the satellite spreads less heat than an intercontinental rocket. So it is an exceptional case, otherwise you would have to have a coincidence and weapon systems with coarse effort. SM-3 missiles are part of the missile defense system.

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