Back to the cold war

The CIA is massively increasing the number of its employees, who are to act and decide independently on the front abroad as students, scientists or businessmen

The CIA, the infamous U.S. intelligence agency from the Cold War era, which shrank in personnel and materiel in the 1990s and since the 11.9. Despite possible failures, the fact that the mine has become important again is under serious suspicion, at least internationally. On behalf of the Bush administration, the secret service is accused of killing people, kidnapping them, torturing them or making them disappear in camps of some kind. The "War on Terror" resurrect the Cold War practices, especially since there are enough people working in the Bush administration who entered politics or machinations under Reagan to fight the bad thing. Bush likes to equate communism with Islamist terrorism.

The relationship between the Bush-led White House and the CIA has not always been good. It is possible that the CIA, together with other intelligence agencies, failed to provide evidence of the 11/11 attacks.9. to be interpreted correctly, if one disregards common conspiracy theories. From the point of view of conspiracy theory, it is interesting to note that the intelligence service, which had become more civilized after the end of the Cold War, had difficulties in providing the Bush administration with the desired information "Evidence" to supply or fabricate intelligence for the war against Iraq. Cheney had to do it himself, with the help of the British government and probably Berlusconi as well. The lies, which were actually recognizable from the beginning – why didn’t the European media, which willingly published everything at that time, apologize as well as the New York Times?? -, are now chewed over again step by step and substantiated.

After all, the CIA stood by Bush in difficult times when it was a question of why the U.S. president apparently cited cheaply falsified documents as evidence of Iraq’s alleged attempts to buy uranium from Niger for its alleged nuclear weapons program. The then CIA chief took the blame, although it lay solely with the Bush administration – and its British and Italian poodle.

In the meantime, the CIA has a new chief in Porter Goss and has been cleared by the 9/11 Commission, even though the intelligence service has been given a national intelligence chief like all the others. But that doesn’t matter, it’s just one more agency. No one has introduced more state and bureaucracy into the USA for a long time than Bush, who as a conservative and economic liberal was actually committed to dismantling the state.

Time has learned that the culture at the CIA is changing again. The agents are given a strong free hand and released from the obligation to obey the law. The CIA should return to the lawless freshness of the Cold War era from the bureaucrats behind the desk. Goss, who briefly defended the CIA’s supposedly lawful, innovative interrogation methods ("This secret service does not torture"), describes the new freedom like this: "We have tried to reduce the number of ‘May I, Mother?’ requests and let you make the decisions out there."

It helps that U.S. President Bush Goss a year ago gave the order, "50 percent more agents" The plan of Goss is supposed to be to camouflage the CIA agents better and to infiltrate other institutions. Thus CIA agents are to appear again increasingly as apparent representatives of economics and culture in embassies, in which also the CIA is represented. Auben, economic and cultural policy is thus to be infiltrated by intelligence agencies. In addition, CIA bases that were closed after the Cold War are to be reopened.

more CIA employees are said to have been "nonofficial cover (noc)" work. These agents, paid by the CIA, appear for example as journalists, students, scientists or businessmen. But they do not enjoy diplomatic immunity with their better camouflage, as is the case with embassy employees. The CIA – and the US government – would then deny any connection when these employees were caught for a crime.

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