Acoustic lancing step

From the deterrent effect well coordinated birds

Bird pairs singing in the right place, apparently present a coarse threat to their competitors as couples who are musically less talented. This revealed the study by Michelle Hall from Max Planck Institute for Ornithology at Australian National University in Canberra, which has just been published in the journal Current Biology.

The message of a successful duets to the consumes is probably quite simple: we keep together, so skin better off. The threat is stomparged by a suitable choreography. Of course, this strategy is not only in the bird world, but also for primates and last but not least the Eurovision Song Contest.

The full score for duett is only available if the choreography is right. Image: Current Biology

The better the duet, the worse the mood at the neighbors

Behavior researchers have long known that voice-minded ways are a probate means of deterrence and that the addressees of these soundattacks can greatly make a great shape how strong the opposing group is. So far, however, investigations that dealt with the quality of the subservations or with the deterrent effect of high-quality singing.

That’s exactly why Michelle Hall and her colleagues focused on the Grallina Cyanoleuca spread in Australia (Grallina Cyanoleuca). It is crushed black and white, roughly as coarse as an amster – and lives in pairs. The researchers attracted the everyday loyalty of their hypothesis from the deterrent effect of a duet’s on conspiration by sonicating two pairs of throttle pairs with more or less finely coordinated couple gangs. And behold: the better the duet, the worse the mood next door. The most sensitive-responded sophisticated sophisticated-related neighbors of their supposedly recovered neighbors.

Acoustic lancing step

Duet of Australian elsters. Image: Current Biology

Most bird sing solo

Thus, duets are an effective and power-spinning type of demarcation. Nevertheless, bird dupless are not so often. Anyway, only about three percent of all known bird species sing in the duet. And there is only a documented avian choir. The rough rest sings solo.

Very rare are duetings in our mobilized widths. Maybe it is because the bird often forms a pair of brut season here. There is little time to the UBS. In addition, loud district defense in our region is mostly manner. In the tropics, on the other hand, many bird species also defend the females loudly their territory, there are more long-term birds – and also better tuned duets. Where the researchers do not know exactly if a long-term bird marriage is the cause or episode of shared singing. At least, perfect timing at duet is not necessarily an indicator of a perfect relationship. Just think of the song "Jackson" From Legendar Duo Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (who was never a loving couple laughing after Hazlewood): there is nothing else than adultery in rough style.

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