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"A little lust was also there" – The German-speaking press chucks a philosopher

Anniversaries are a double-edged thing for the press. On the one hand, you guarantee regular content for an industry that is in front of the problem as you should fuel all the empty space between the ads. The 11.9. will be practiced for decades in this regard, but this year, the German-speaking press had a problem: it was, not only the second anniversary of the 11.9.2001 to worryally rough, but also the one hundredth birthday Theodor W. Adornos, now on the 11.9.2003 disappeared.

And the difficulties in the round birthdays of significant intellectual, philosophers, are always the same: you might bring you a stild, but does not want to look like an idiot that can not even pour the jubiliaries the water, let alone ranges. This is especially true MAB for Adorno, whose work is missing as dark and difficult (even under those who know it), and at the even the poor journalistic church light is suspected that it is not with one of the usual, wildly-associated two splitters from the phrase reciprocating machine is done. If you have no idea and from Adorno nothing knows about the three fleets, which have long been common and even lining for the phrase taper, good advice is expensive.

So what the anniversary wants to be committed, and Adorno is so wide, that you can blam yourself with completely freely invented? Only the prowls look in the attack the best defense and concludes the 11.9. The burning Hochhauser with the critical theory short, for all others there are two possible battles: "Adorno actually very different!" or "Adorno very private!" For the former, Arno Widmann was approached, who opened the Umweuten Kuhn at the end of June by adorno, the whole Adorno, "intellectual betrayal" accustomed because the renderer was sponsored in the face of the Nazidic Statur at the beginning of the Train, to criticize the Soviet Union, not to harm her. Arno Widmann So, who at the time the facial of Martin Walser in "Death of a critic" to "Fulminant satire" had changed, someone accused like adorno of the intellectual betrayer. Not really original, but about all the mabes naughty, and under "taboo" Brain donors also society. For example, the heading phase of the adorno year had fainted with the Widmann’s eliminations over Adornos Stalinism – to undercut that was not easy, but Johannes Saltzwedel gave himself on behalf of the mirror’s mirror, and put with "Narcissance and hippopotamus concentration" a performance in the defendant struggle that could be seen.

Saltzwedel took the solution "Adorno very private!" really to heart and sloned everything together, which was known about actual and supposed character errors of Adorno, or made known through three newly published biographies (Jager, Muller-Doom, Claussen) and a picture monograph (published by the Adorno archive). Conclusion: Adorno liked to be from behind, was an unbearable egoman, his colleague Hannah Arendt did not like him, and he had a weak for Daktari towards the end of his life.

At best, that these latrine journalism in the distributed media consumers produced a must-shaped shafts, Saltzwedel’s colleagues encouraged the national borders, and with a small, shirt-sleeved openness set like "A little lust was also there" (Sven Boedeker in the Swiss Sonntagszeitung) the fingers now ran like by themselves the keyboard. Also Lorenz Jager, FAZ editor, had already in his "political adorno biography" Report: "When Adorno died in 1969, the normative potential of his theory was also exhausted."

Those who would like to write in the FAZ, but it only created until Sunday leaf, had understood that Adorno was now allowed to kick. Widmann pushed his thunderwort from the intellectual betrayal betrayal betrayal betrayal, which now, especially with Adornos Narcissism, and examined his speech style, the whole finely balanced with the meanwhile indistinct detail discussion to the love life of the philosopher. And so it continued to go to the gaudi of the audience, which relieved mutually from the expectation to start something with the texts of the man, because his dirty underwear makes a lot more spab. Everything is important in the Adorno year, auber the most important thing about Adorno: his work.

Sure, you find counter examples. But the sound give the others. It may indeed be coincidence that the hunting hunting is again a Jew, and that above all his lust and his falsehood seem to be interested in. But the coincidence of the final pork smuggets and noticers, the emotional subtext of their gelabers has already recorded adorno in 1935 correctly when he in "The Bose comrade" wrote:

If the Burger Class has been the dream of the Westen Volksgemeinschaft, the vacuum of all through everyone, then children who have been pushing with first name Horst and Jurgen and with surname Bergenroth, Bojunga and Eckhardt, the dream worn, before the adults historically ripe were to realize him. (…) Which did not bring about any right sentence, but everyone found one of me too long – they did not make the German literature and replaced them through their literature? (…) The linked intelligents who had so little success in the class as under the liberalism of the gifted hobbyist without connexions; The parents to appealed to the parents made with leakage work or even for their own pleasure on long afternoons friction board drawings with colorful inks, helped the Third Reich for cruel friction and are cheated again. But those who are constantly opposed to the teachers and, as one named it, the teaching stores, from the day, yes of the hour of the abitur, however, with the same teachers on the same table with the same beer to the Mannerbund, were the following Arches, rebels, in whose impatient fay on the table the worship of the gentlemen already hoisted.

Theodor W. Adorno

One may think of a comfort that still the weakest set of Adorno miles over the best thing is what his "critic" have to offer in the Adorno year. It can be trusted that Adorno will play a weighty role in philosophy when these critics have hurried. But that’s how to worry about the conventional handling of a considerable proportion of the German-speaking press with Adorno is not his amption piping, which ultimately goes into the emptiness. But the fact that the readers of said press products have exactly the Widmanns, Saltzwedel, Jagers who fit them to them. And the radically personalizing, excited taboo-recoveral style, the stupid shooting chucky make school. This is examples of an article by Heike Haarhoff, which in a Taz article about the third 11.9. This year, namely the Chilean, Daruber, how Salvador Allende was really:

He who likes to appeal to the people, but otherwise the society of women from the upper class and excellent whiskey preferred, does not want to end as a failed prasident in exile.

You will probably have to accept yourself on a long time with an annex fun, which would like to wash private grunge wash. That Adorno with its pessimism to the cultural industry, especially in the field of journalism, is right, is really no consolation.

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