An invoice that works only on the paper

Chairman of the Supervisory Board The FAZ calls for a basic cost of the online offers of newspapers

After the coarse Internet Gold Rush 2000 now also comes with the gross dungalization for newspapers placed in the net. It had already explained-printed newspapers and rapidly to the expiration model and must realize how the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the FAZ Hans-Wolfgang Pfeifer realize that the hoped for profit lies through newspapers in the network. Now the entire Internet offers of newspapers should cost us. Pfeifer demands a more adapted to the electronic medium journalistic style.

"After a while, people will consider very accurately what the Internet offers you and what not. You will find that the Internet can not bring a deeper information and does not want to bring." Quote Hans-Wolfgang Pfeifer, his sign Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Frankfurt General Zeitung and age-guided prophet. However, he did not say that two or three years ago, but currently in an interview with the German Press Agency.

A knowledge that is pretty spat that is started with newspapers that are started with partly high investments. With banner advertising, the refinancing of the expenses does not work, how to determine tooth-riding. And so hardly it is surprised that now is thought to pay the accumulated debts with manual holdings for any service. But that will not work. Newspapers are always something that is acquired on the kiosk or abused by the Fubmat – and something else than a Newsticker. Anyone who reads a printed newspaper and not only relies on, that is a different kind of journalism when the user does. Because the clicks and scrolls mostly speed through text quantities and has also in the mind that the list of bullets pass. (See.The future of reading) behind folded coarse brillets can be hidden as a morning muffle at the breakfast table as much better before an unbearable communicative partner than behind a windy laptop. Even in the full S-Bahn or in the tourist class of a jumbo, the papers makes reading much more spab.

No, it’s easy so that the idea of the virtual newspaper has greatly met. (See. Web traumes again overshade) Internet users do not need long text tracks, but compact, pragnant articles with further leading and further education links. In this respect, Pfeifer is not wrong if he criticizes the map of printed article in an unexpressed form on the website. It certainly does not have to be the entire output on the net, as it is made with the FAZ or the Rhein newspaper in Koblenz. But Pfeifer is mightye, if he believes, a paid offer of such texts became the information hungry usern equal sharply the money out of his pocket, blobed because it is the Ehrwurdigen Frankfurt General. If you currently want to access the digitized FAZ items, you have to be a subscriber of the papier edition, so it pays for it now. And who is not so enthusiastic about the FAZ, will certainly not want to spend course for the news of their online editors for the news of their online editors. There are too many free alternatives on the net against which a newspaper of world does not arrive. Including the latest Boris-Becker bankruptcy one can also draw an analogy from the text to the picture, to the online portals of media companies. These also have to fight strongly with the New Economy Backlash. Who needs the download prepared for download, if he can have the same every day on television more convenient and for free. SportsGate is only the latest example of bursted bleeding traumes. And as the World Wide Web is not impregnated the television, the printed daily newspaper in the times of global networking with information from each for everyone has still been unused. Even if exactly that has a smart aged sir as the American super-rich investor Warren buffet has the other day again prophecy. Free internet offers of newspapers are also good and usable in appropriate form, dear readers. Chargeable offers could have been pretty hard to find people with too much money.

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