More security on ebay classifieds

More security on eBay classifieds

The online portal eBay classifieds, on which especially private trading takes place with used goods, offers now and optionally a new payment function called "Pay for sure". Thus, the users – buyers such as seller – artistic works better against fraud in shipping.

If buyers do not receive an article or deviates considerably from the description, they should be backed up their money, explores eBay classifieds in a press release. For the use of the function, you pay a fee that is measured in percentage at the purchase price paid. Seller wants to protect eBay classifieds especially against unjustified complaints. it costs "Pay for sure" no surcharge. In the initial phase, however, the service is only surprised.

For "Pay for sure" Is eBay classifieds a partnership with the Dutch payment service provider online Payment Platform (OPP). Neuland does not enter both sides: According to the press release, the Dutch counterpart cooperates to eBay classifieds, marketplaces, since 2017 with OPP.


Norway’s child protection agency in the dock in strabburg

norway's child protection agency in the dock in strobburg

Plaintiffs object to interference with Verfang’s protected right to family life

Politicians from three opposition parties in Norway on Friday attacked the Minister for Children and Families Kjell I. Ropstod in Oslo is called upon to act with regard to the state-run children’s aid organization. The minister sees the "serious challenges that exist in the field of child welfare, not with the necessary seriousness". He said in the open letter.

The reason for the initiative is the news that the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg will deal with nine more lawsuits against the authority, which are in Norwegian "Barnevernet" heibt. Critics accuse the authorities of withdrawing custody from parents at the slightest suspicion and giving children up for adoption. Two years ago, 170 lawyers, psychologists and social pedagogues complained in an open letter about the practices of the authority (Children’s Brain Protection in Norwegian).


Wherever data is generated and collected, covetousness is aroused

Interview with cyberrights activist padeluun about RFID radio chips in commerce

Technology studies predict that by 2010 at the latest, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips will have replaced today’s barcodes. Such a chip contains an electronic product code that is long enough to uniquely identify any item worldwide. When an RFID reader emits a radio signal, nearby chips respond by transmitting their data over several meters.

International consumer and civil rights organizations recently ied a joint position paper highlighting the privacy and civil liberties risks posed by RFID tags. For Telepolis, Christiane Schulzki-Haddouti spoke with padeluun of the Bielefeld-based association Foebud e.V., the signatory of the position paper and organizer of the German Big Brother Award. Only recently, the Foebud Association received a grant from the Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms "Citizens’ rights in the digital society" 15.000 euro for the realization of a RFID reader for Burger awarded.


What caused the failure of the soviet internet?

Viktor Mikhailovich Glushkov and the OGAS Project

From today’s perspective, it is clear that the lack of an Internet-like structure also doomed the socialist planned economy to failure. The question naturally arises why the Soviet Union did not invent the Internet or at least imitate it, because the technology would have been there in principle. Answer: It has yes. Or had, if the little word "when" had not been.

Cybernetics, which was a suspect science in the Soviet Union in the years after World War II. Stalin and his, whose approach can rather be described as top-down, criminal-style management, had no sense of oscillating, interdependent control loops; one can figuratively imagine that they had "Widerrede" for a correct translation of the term "feedback" had held.


Presidential election in the usa

Presidential election in the usa

C. Wright Mills

What we learned from a book published in 1956 about the "ara Trump" and the power structures of America

Many observers see Donald Trump’s presidency as a profound censure of American social development and democracy. The current questions are: Will Trump be re-elected president?? If he loses the election, will he voluntarily hand over power?? And how will the situation change if Joe Biden wins the election??


Banknotes manufacturer g + d: the digital money comes

Banknotes manufacturer G + D: The digital money comes

International monetary system is facing a rough change: private cryptovals à la Bitcoin could follow digital money ied in the foreseeable future of central banks. A first Chinese attempt to the Olympic winter games were expected to follow other countries, which expects at least Ralf Wintergers, the boss of the Munchner Banknoten manufacturer Giesecke + Devrient.

China Prescht ahead

"The People’s Bank of China has begotten, to the Olympic Winter Games 2022 a so-called "Digital Currency Electronic Payment" intake", said winter. "That is new." He looks at the Chinese envision as the first live trial. "China and Sweden are the two countries who are most advanced, with China with the contested launch to the winter games. We are just in the beginning of the development as Europe."

Technically, a digital euro was ahn to the Bitcoin. But in contrast to the famous cryptography hour he under the supervision of a central bank. Such a euro has existed as a digital unit and be available for online businesses. One needed, like the Bitcoin, a separate wallet in which the digital money is stored. Modern smartphone banks have already docked them to the current accounts.


It pays to punish

Punishment not only strengthens cooperation, but is also economically advantageous – at least in the long run

The fact that we are able to live in such rough communities at all, to pay taxes, to buy a ticket on the bus and to go to the cashier at the gas station instead of getting into the car from the pump, is essentially due to the action of three factors: cooperation, punishment and reputation. The exact relationship between these three influences is still an area of research. Apart from that, the opinion about it is naturally subject to social influences – the necessity of punishment, for example, was not very popular for some time.

Cooperation has existed ever since man was a human being (and has also been observed in animals). Cooperation is always worthwhile when a certain goal is easier to achieve together than alone. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is the big game hunting of prehistoric man, but cooperation also pays off when it comes to gathering food: Less time is spent searching if you share information freely than if you have to search an area already searched by others over and over again. Just with this example it becomes however already clear that a Freerider has here easy play: Always tapping others, but never contributing anything oneself, is economically the most favorable solution for the individual.


Bitcoin: kursturbulzen for new record brands

Bitcoin: Kursturbulzen for new record brands

The hope of many Bitcoin fans on a more steady price development has been initially not conserved. After the crawpted food brought after market volumes on Tuesday morning again a record high, she broke in the afternoon. In the morning, it looked at first as if the crypto money was the first time the brand of 20.000 US dollars.

With 19.918 US dollars has been listed on the trading platform bitstamp in the meantime a record high. At the early afternoon, the course dazzed at times up to 18.100 US dollars. Only on Monday the crypto food at various trade spatials could skip record marks from 2017.

Back and forth

Under optimists, this hopes had aroused, the price increase was this time more sustainable than during the wild record hunt about three years ago. At that time, a dramatic price decline was followed on the dramatic price increase. Currently, the Coinmarketcap platform records an average price of 19.300 US dollars. The 20.000 US dollars remain tangible.


Battle stars galactica with hornern on the helmet

Battle stars Galactica with Hornern on the helmet

All Pictures: Paramount Pictures

Gotterhammung at Marvel: Kenneth Branaghs "Thor"

A hero, blond like Siegfried, innocent like achill, muscle-packed like hector. A woman, smart like Athena, as Helena and bravely like Padme. An aging godfather, a brotherwoist, Bose Frostriesen, a pretty complicated world – exactly: What if not about the Late Seventy Trash spectacle "Battle stars Galactica" you have to think here? And auber that the frosttries are a bit of human than the cylons, actually lacking only a hammer and a few Viking helmets – and finished Thor, the latest comic superhero mapping spectacle in the cinema.