British government establishes hurden against immigration in social systems

EU immigrants must be three months in the country and earn at least 150 pounds monthly, the EU Commission sees a violation of EU law

Powered by the Legal Populist Anti-EU Party of UKIP, which, like other similarly knitted parties in Europe, mobilize against mass immigration from the EU, the British government is under prere. Similar to Germany, it is also about the placed insistence, immigrants could benefit from the social systems due to the relactor. The British government therefore wants from the 1. Marz imports that immigrants from the EU must earn weekly at least 150 pounds (180 euros) for three months to receive government supports such as unemployment benefits. The corresponded to a weekly working time of 24 hours with the minimum wage.

Brussel Weub, stompard to the vote against "Mass immigration" In Switzerland, to the explanation of the topic before the elections, in which a whole series of anti-EU parties hope for good opportunities and u.a. pull against the personal treasury to field. Therefore, the EU Commission warned a major budget already praventively that such a restriction is not compliant with EU laws.

This concerns above all the attained minimum income. Judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) had made it clear that laws concerning only immigrants from the EU and attempts to define an employee on the basis of deserving, illegal. So that is similar to the toll required by the CSU for foreigners. The British Telegraph said a EU Commission spokesman for a worker to work on EU law, the real work under the guidance of another for payment exports: "The case of the Court of Justice of the European Union makes it clear that part-time workers, interns or au pairs can be classified as ‘workers’ if their work has an economic value and is genuine and actual. This case law makes it clear that the definition of a worker is not compatible with EU law after the amount of income."

In 2010, the EU Commission had already defined the activity with regard to such attempts:

All nationals of a Member State have the right to work in another Member State. The term "worker" is determined according to EU law and must not be defined or restrictively interpreted by the Member States. He refers to every person who expands a real and actual activity, for which their fee is paid, and which is opposite to the employer in a subordination ratio. Not recognized are migrant workers from third countries. It is the task of the national authorities to judge in the light of this definition on a case-by-case basis whether these criteria are met.

An employee in the sense of EU law must receive a fee for his work. If a person only achieves low arrivals with their work, so she can still be workers, and natural benefits are to be considered as fee. Only anyone who works voluntarily without any fee is not a worker.

The British government sees its regulation compatible with EU law. The work must "Real and actual" be, but they do not be so low to as "marginal and illegal" valid. But she is in space, it is not exactly defined what this means.

Within the conservatives, the rejection of the EU is strong, stronger the competition with the UKIP, which could become the Labor Party for the Labor Party at the European elections. The conservative deputy Douglas Carswell also explained that Great Britain does not effectively limit access to the social systems, as long as the main buddies in the EU is: "We have to escape."

The EU Commission spokes further clearly that EU migrants who do not work can not be denied access to social systems in principle. The dispute with the EU is already a longer over the British regulation of the "Habitual Residence Test" After the EU immigrants have to prove that they are looking for work to demand social assistance. R & D The EU Commission should be sufficient if immigrants have laid the center of their lives in another country. The conflict will therefore encourage themselves in front of the European elections with the reinumentation of the minimum income. Labor Minister Iain Duncan Smith wants to prevent the minimum income from preventing immigrants through the "Attractiveness of our social system" be attracted. Who does not deserve 150 pounds a week, should be closely attributed to whether he can be considered an employee or selfish. The EU Commission now requests more detailed information about the planned maaking and rally, it will review them exactly with regard to the right of EU law.

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