“Stupid”, “irresponsible”, “crazy”

Government, ARD, image and mirror combines against the right of strike of the locomotives

50 hours nationwide strike has decided the union of the locomotive (GDL). With your over 30.000 members represents 90 percent of the locomotives and 30 percent of the train attendants. But there is also a handzahmere union: the rail and traffic union (ECG) has just under 200.000 members – but only a few locomotives. Deutsche Bahn AG and the Federal Government, which lets the shamewords of the rail to pay out as a supposed privatization success, is the existence of the GDL a mandrel in mind.

Labor Minister Andrea Nahles would therefore have a law say goodbye, according to which it is to give only one collective agreement, so even a collective bargaining agreement. The goods end for a locomotive trade union – and a valid reason to be right and sustainable to strike. What is new: For the first time, government and railway management can be found on the support by the mass media image, mirror and ARD.

1750 net as responsible for hundreds of passenger and millionenture technology

However, the GDL can hardly hope for the litigation of the train travelers who leached everyone. From the point of view of many commuters, the train is located in a permanent continuous strike, since she was once around 400.000 employees only 230.000 busy sick shrinked, stretched routes and ensures with marauded material for static splitting.

After 25 years of professional years, a locomotive can be a revenue of 3 according to Handelsblatt.Reach 010 euros – no, gross, not net. For 1.750 Euro net is therefore a highly professional train driver, who bears the responsibility for the life of hundreds of passengers and for million dealers technology, ensure that the shift service and on weekends ensure that the Bahn AG "Profits" generated, since you yes "privatized" is.

With this income, he can not even take a 4-room apartment for his family in the metropolitan areas, where the remaining railway traffic is not playing, so in Munchen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Koln and Stuttgart, but must commute to the workplace, often hours.

The job agency does not find staff

In addition, the railroad employees pushed eight million overtime in early 2014 in early 2014. There is chronic personnel not only for locomotives, but also for train attendants and on-board personnel.

While JOBCENTER will find a new employee on average in 80 days, it takes 184 days for railroad employees, almost half a year. For the demands of the GDL therefore pays a working time curtain and longest breaks.

In the neighboring states of France, Switzerland, Danemark and the Netherlands, lociofuhrer earn double – but still the locations there are classes better than the Deutsche Bahn derived for decades, which considers themselves as a worldwide logistics service provider.

You can assess a strike without discussing its systemic causes? Shortly after the announcement of the strike, the incurred 91 percent of the GDL members surveyed, German media transferred itself to disseminating the nonsensicality and inadmissibility of the strike.

Longing for a hand frame low-wage union

"Germany’s studness union" Titled Mirror Online. The locomotives, according to the Hamburg traffic specialists, provoked only through the strike the unit tariff. The opposite is the case: from GDL view it is a so-called "Forced strike", So a strike around the right to drove down collective bargaining.

What the Deutsche Bahn is especially upset: The GDL also liked to negotiate for the train attendant organized at her, though so for a professional group, which is sufficient from the point of view of the train through the ECG sufficiently.

Where the mirror is against the right to strike, image may not be missing. "This strike is craving!", Titles Jan Schaerer in picture. However, he does not roughly make the systemic displacement of the railway and the DESASTROSE transport policy of the Federal Government, no, naturally on the striking locomotive vehicles:

The strike in Germany is a high. It has been introduced so that workers can fight against supermessed bosses. But the locomotives use this freedom shameless. They urge millions of father, mother and children – and spoil the weekend! Who disengages steam so irresponsibly, has persuaded his right to strike.

So inherited, the former worker party SPD in the form of its General Secretary Yasmin Fahimi at Plasberg "Hard but fair" go to the GDL chairman Claus Weselsky.

Where it approaches usocial, the SPD must not be missing

Already the topic of Plasberg broadcast "Are we hostages of mini-unions?" provided that the background of the strike did not come to the language. Fahimi tried to bring the Brave ECG into conversation as the only collective bargaining partners and praised their degrees. Right from your point of view: The ECG would have to maintain the low in the railway and has ever heard a degree with 1.5 multi-hours without payout.

The truth is that Lokfuhrer is not funf, but 35-50% more renewed, which also obtain some commentators under the image article. At all, the readers do not seem to give the hits against the GDL and write at least with picture bravely against the majority opinion amed them.

Fahimi threatened in the valley of the GDL with one "Real image damage" – Given the reporting of ARD, mirror and picture not exuberant. The ARD hillersters, for example the BR, then ask on Bahnhofen unnerved passenger, as they find the strike on the last weekend of the autumn holidays and interviewed rail managers who interviewed "unsteady" about the "Every MAB lost" GDL.

"What the GDL makes is wrong", Is personnel council Ulrich Weber just quoted.

Million content for unsuspecting personnel boss

"Stupid" (Mirrors), "irresponsible" (Image), "crazy" (Deutsche Bahn) – can be demanded from a wide audience of annoyed passenger in the midst of this pogrom mood, yet sympathy for the goals of the locomotives to feel, yes, even solidarity? "Ulrich Weber", so writes picture in involuntary objectivitat, "was as surprised by the railway strike as well as millions of Bundesburg".

If the voices should – apparently, Weber himself has said the picture so – the question arises, Wofur Mr. Weber preserves an annual salary of a million euros, if his knowledge of the dissatisfaction of the employees and the inexhasability of the conclusion on the level of a picture Commentators stands.

The image interview with the completely unsuspecting railway boss ends with this quote: "Someone must clear the GDL that they dangean with their attitude the whole system."

A MaRodes, a broken, a unjustized system. A system that defects the location Germany and its economy, the employees and passenger. Another reason to support the strike of the locomotives.

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