Remote-controlled weapon systems reduce the attack threshold

The high of the victims of the "most accurate war" All times is not yet known, but a questionable trend of artinfo infowars can be recognized

The combination of high-tech with conventional or even archaic means such as horses or sliders used by American specialty troops on the ground in the Afghanistan war has also highlighted the Pentagon as a successful model for the driving of art military actions. Premiere also had the use of unmanned learning airplanes equipped with missiles. It should be controlled from the distance to minimize the time delay between the (remote) detection of an opponent and its destruction by shelling. Really confirmed successes can the Pentagon in so far "most accurate war", So General Tommy Frank, the upper-commander of the Afghan campaign, do not show., Rather, the use of armed drones indicate a questionable development arising from the distance war in the information age.

Predator RQ-1

The alleged successes, which are also reflected in coarse rusts for unmanned armed drones (UCAVs), of course have a history. Supposedly, Ladin should have been clearly visible in the fall of 2000 in the sights of the cameras of a drone, but the view from the distance did not open the possibility to justify immediately. The drones are the 3 million dollars expensive predators. These are propeller-powered UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicle), the over 7.000 meters high, 700 km far and can be flyed for up to 24 hours and have so far been equipped with cameras for day and night vision. The pictures for the ground station are transferred via a satellite shot.

But then there was a first "Success story", The occasion was to speak of the war of the future and from a revolution of war carrying. On the flight of the Taliban in front of the fighting of the American bombardements of the North Alliance from Kabul in the Suden, with night vision cameras and for the first time with lightfire missiles, a group of vehicles have continuously followed a group of vehicles, in which Al is -QAIDA members should have. To avoid the persecution, the fleeing with its vehicles did not use the main spirit, but small secondary strategies and came slowly. On the second evening the convoy had held in a small town. In a hotel apparently a meeting took place. The Predator supplied real-time images from the hotel, from the parked cars and nervous drivers to the command center in Tampa, Florida, from Tom Franks, the upper commands of US troops, which was remotely controlled – which also one Premiere in war history was. From there, the pictures were further sent to the main squeezing of the CIA in Langley, Virginia, as well as to the Pentagon. Three F-15 combat aircraft, which just circled over Kabul and was refueled again and again to get up "Emerging targets" Hunting, got the command to bomb the hotel in which you suspected high al Qaeda members.

They threw off three GBU 15 precision bombs that control their destination with infrared cameras at the top. Then two Hellfire missiles were shot down by the drone. Allegedly, the 100 people were killed. At first, it also bothered that the Mohammed Atef is concerned, which applies as a military commander of Al-Qaeda. The Taliban initially confirmed his death, but this claim then aroused again. With the cameras of the Predators alone did not love how many people and above all who found death. Even later, there were no prazisings who could have been the dead.

In fact, the Pentagon is obligatory in his fight against international terrorism in silence, which is concerned with the number of potential victims under civil-population (fictions of human war performance). Not always one may believe that this is the "best war" was that the United States have ever guided with their precision bombs, because at least the discharging of numerous stray bombs can not be made as precise hits. Finally, "only" 60 percent of the bombs and missiles that go down on goals in Afghanistan, precision weapons. The precision bombs are, so defense minister Rumsfeld facident and insured "85-90 percent" precisely.

In addition to the possible consequences of a flat bombardment, in which "collateral damage" barely avoiding, has become a problem of "Precision bombs" prove the target setting. Several times were obviously bombarded civilian facilities and Dorfer, which were no positions of the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. "Precise" Building of the Red Cross or the UN and – probably the least unintentionally unintentionally – the editorial tour of the Arab broadcaster Al-Jascana in Kabul.

Remote-controlled weapon systems reduce the attack threshold

On 20.12.In 2001, US bombers had attacked a vehicle convoy and tottered dozens of people who have supposedly visited Al Qaeda and first shot with airbursts of air. Overlateral of attack, this has not been confirmed, but claims that the vehicles with local tribal drivers were traveling to Kabul in order to be present at the introduction of the interim sprayer. On the 24th. January had killed American special forces more than 20 people. Two of the bodies should have been tied up. Allegedly there were no Taliban or Al-Qaeda members. The Pentagon examined the "unclear situation" and came to the conclusion that it had been a mistake. The Pentagon speaks of 15 dead, Afghans of 21. Americans took over 27 men, some of which claimed after their freezing, beaten and abused by the American soldiers. Ironically, the Afghans were police officers and members of a commission to disarm. Oberdies were under the toten two high commanders of the Afghan President Karzai. In Afghanistan, criticism and demand is loud, the bombardments and the overflow through special troops because of the many "Erroneous" set.

In addition to others, in which the Pentagon initially became the good defense and put on the fact that the interest probably happened quickly, then on Monday a week ago again with the miracle weapon of a UCAV to the totung of "Some Al Qaeda fuels", How the Pentagon announced. However, because of the bad weather you did not get out how many people were killed and who this was. According to reports in other media, the CIA was apparently believed that the drone has remotely controlled, that it did not only actually have traded high al Qaeda-belongings, but that the TOPTERRORIST USAMA Bin Ladin could have been among them. A "US Official", Anyway, anyone who has always been that has paid Reuters that at least one person had been killed, but they did not know who it has been. The beard person was coarse and slim, which also applies to Ladin. Besides this gemunkel but said another "US Official", Whoever has been this too, that unfortunately some high al Qaeda members like Al-Zawahri also look like this.

Anyway, was apparently from the distance from the drone to someone or several, after notifying a suspicious vehicle column and persecuted. In the near Zhawar Kili, an Al-Qaeda training camp, the column parked – and because there were no bombers there, it was apparently decided to push a lightfire rocket on the group for safety’s sake. Again, it should have acted again around Afghans, who may only have searched for weapons or other things they could sell. The Governor Mushfiq of the region said to the incident that the Americans "play the wrong game" and not a good enlightenment on the floor. At the weekend, the Pentagon had sent soldiers to the place to investigate the incident.

The UAV Global Hawk, which has been used for the first time in Afghanistan, can fly high and farther, but has not yet been equipped with weapons

The use of special troops that act secretly, and above all the use of remote-controlled weapon systems reduce the threshold for exuding violence from two grounds. Once there are fewer victims with targeted rates and bombardments, even if they accidentally attacked goals and thus "collateral damage" are, for the second, the safety of the attackers, which sit approximately in the CIA headquarters, ensures seconds, for a sinking threshold. At the moment, the Pentagon seems to be amed by the maxim, rather once mistaken people to dead than Al-Qaeda members escaped.

It is also questionable that such actions come close to a terrorist attack, but at least a targeted murder of individual persons, as this is the Israeli government already of the longest power. From the Congress, the US prasident has received the power to tackle states, organizations and individuals as the Supreme Warlord who is the connection of the 11.9. planned, commanded, supported or executed. This also affects the further pravention of striking. Whether the targeted murder of individuals but still designate as a military action, remains questionable. The Executive Order of 13. November does not speak of the totung, but only by the seizure and the establishment of militar courts.

The CIA is actually allowed by Prasident Gerald Ford 1975 "Executive Order" (11905) Do not participate in murder attacks after it has come to many scandals. The prohibition was also confirmed by more "Executive orders" The Prasident Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Prasident Clinton continued and prohibited the intelligence services the recruitment of employees or informants who committed crimes or human rights violations. Viceprasident Cheney asked shortly after the striking of the 11.9., that intelligence services are again planning the murder of opponents and should also exchange exports as well as agent recruits that are associated with terrorists or have committed human rights violations. And the Right Republican Congressman Bob Barr had ahead of early Marz 2001 "Terrorist Elimination Act" (HR 19), which cancel the Executive Orders and should allow for individuals to proceed by all means, including the license to the dead (license to the dead).

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