Gap between arm and rich has become the strongest conflict for americans

Is the "American dream" and thus the capitalist ideology opposite to your end?

A survey of the PEW Research Center suggests that an ideological change is carried out by the financial and economic crisis, which was initiated with the financial and economic crisis and the Occupy movement. Two-thirds of the Americans said in the representative survey that there are strong conflicts between rich and poor in the country. That’s 19 percent more than 2009. For a third, the class conflicts are now even "very strong", twice as much as 2009. Seeing women, black and latinos, but also the relevant of the various social layers.

When people are centrally located in the heart country of capitalism, where the American dream in the promise is that every one’s own smithiness is blacksmith and can become a millionar from the dishwasher, then settings seem to move to the conservatives Republicans and thus to a largely unregulated, religious capitalism continues to be strong. However, this makes such a different current PEW survey, especially at the ages, the younger Americans under 30 tend to the Democrats and Obama, are set in the American sense liberal, but also less politically engaged than in 2008. 41 percent of the sub-trainees are not a woman. On the other hand, the ages Americans are much stronger about the present government, they are nationalist, Hangen the Neoliberal concept of a "small government" at. have anxiety in front of a "Growing proportion of immigrants" and see in Reagan the previously big prassides.


Ukraine will remain unstable after the elections

The parties landscape is fragmented, hard reforms are unlikely and unclear remains the promised autonomy for the Ostukraine

In Ukraine continue to find struggle between the Ukrainian quarrels and the separatists. Heavy struggle was around the airport in Donetsk. There were dead on both sides, including civilians were killed. Of course, the tagess showers to wake up from their unilateral reporting and also reports from the right-wing extremists, who combat with the Ukrainian dispute, and also of new mass causes of up to 400 dead, discovered by the separatists. Russia wants to accuse Kiev because of the use of degree missile systems war crimes because by this at least 2.To have been killed 500 civilians.

Whether it will come to a peaceful solution of the conflict, continues to be in the stars and is currently unlikely despite all skills. On both sides there are circles that do not want that. The Ukrainian Prasident drive a curling course, even if he tries to keep the agreed ceasefire by all means. But he is under prere in Kiev and may not hide the negotiations with the separatists and Russia to the rough bell.


Tesla in grunheide: nature conservant pulling in front of the next court

Tesla in Grunheide: Nature conservant pulling in front of the next court

The nature conservation association Grune League and Nabu continue to be legally against the 15. Early part of the construction of the Tesla factory in Grunheide at Berlin. After the Administrative Court of Frankfurt (or) dismissed an urgent application against the departure on Tuesday, the combination appeal has filed a complaint at the Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court, as she informed. Speaker Christine Scheerhorn confirmed the receipt of the appeal at the court on Wednesday (act.Z. 11 S 78/21).

Nature conservants turn against the preliminary duty with exams of the functionality of plants in the field of paint shop, gableery and bodybuilding. In addition, the installation of tanks for wastewater treatment and the refueling plant has been approved prematurely. The Ministry of the Environment had explained that functional tests in which only small amounts of water hazard danger and in a sense of significant substances were used. Therefore, the findings of this decision gained from a present body report not counteracts.

The nature conservation associations see it differently. The necessary positive approval forecast for the granting of the overall project due to a stork report obtained by the state environment of the country is not possible. The expert had come to a conclusion that critical points such as the exit of toxins had to be processed fundamentally reworked, striking it in a contradiction of the association.


“Zombie parliament” is expected to be held with new elections on 12. December

House of Commons. Photo: UK Parliament. License: CC BY 3.0

Meanwhile, even the British government no longer believes that the exit date of 31. October is still to be held

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, today publicly admitted to a member of the British government that the 31. October as the deadline for Britain’s exit from the EU, after the House of Commons refused to decide on Boris Johnson’s new deal with Jean-Claude Juncker and the associated ratification legislation sooner than usual. This "Zombie Parliament" now wants to see the Tories put an end to it through an early election.


Duckduckgo: more searches than ever before

Duckduckgo: more searches than ever before

DuckDuckGo says it recorded more than 102 million search queries in one day for the first time in January. In 2020, the average number of daily search queries increased by 62 percent. In January 2021, users made an average of about 90 million queries per day.

DuckDuckGo advertises itself as being completely anonymous: According to the claim, the search engine does not store any of its users’ personal data. Each time a user searches, they should have a blank search history, as if they had never accessed the search engine before. Unlike its competitor Google, DuckDuckGo does not create user profiles and displays advertisements on the basis of these profiles. That’s why DuckDuckGo can’t give a number of users but only the amount of search queries.

Data protection becomes more important

The now against Bleeping computers The growth in the number of customers indicates that more and more people are concerned about the protection of their personal data. And who are becoming more critical of the IT giants from the U.S.


Microsoft wanted apple’s aqua-ui mopsen

Microsoft wanted Apple's Aqua-Ui Mopsen

When Apple came to the market in 2000 with the public beta of Mac OS X, the brand new surface enthused many users. "Aqua" saw "fluid" how Steve Jobs said then – "One of the design goals was that you wanted to lick it when you say it". Photorealistic effects and elements with shadows catapulted the operating system compared to the competition to a new level.

Source Code Leak is open

You obviously also looked at Microsoft. As now out of the source code of Windows XP, which has landed on the internet by Windows Server 2003 this month, there was a phase of XP’s development phase in the beginning of the 2000s a phase in which Microsoft planned, a significant to Apple’s Aqua-oriented Theme put on. That’s the IT blog The Verge discovered.

Sugaring instead of water

The name of the theme called himself "Candy" And it is strongly based on the Mac-OS X-UI, which Apple had introduced to the MacWorld in 2000. This concerns about the famous buttons and other elements of the user interface. However, the Theme is not completed, but the windows, despite blue coloring, see the windows still very after Windows. Microsoft itself titled the Theme in Source Leak "Whistler Skin With Eye Candy" – Whistler was the Codename for Windows XP. It is explicitly as "for internal use only" marked.


Censorship à l’americaine

A historical feature film about the Reagans and an environmental textbook were withdrawn from circulation in the U.S

A jolt goes through the country – only the country is the USA, and the jolt goes to the right: In the beginning of November, the Republicans won two governor elections (Mississippi and Kentucky). If you add in the forced change in California (Republican Schwarzenegger beat Democrat Davis), Republicans have increased their number of governors from 26 to 29 out of 50 states in recent weeks. And although it is now proven that Fox News disinforms its viewers more than any other US channel, the highest representatives of the White House are mainly to be seen there. Now, a campaign backed by Fox News, at least, has ensured that a docu-drama about the couple Nancy and Ronald Reagan, will not be aired.

If you’re flying into Washington, DC, you’ll probably get off at Ronald Reagan National Airport. The controversial president does have his supporters, e.g. his friends.B. the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, which wanted to see Reagan’s face inscribed on the lofty Mount Rushmore next to only four other U.S. presidents honored there. This would be a small revolution, because after all nothing has been changed on the mountain since 1941 (history of Mount Rushmore as a flash).


Programming language: api-keys for rust packages on backed up

Programming language: API-Keys for Rust packages for Crates.Io

The Security Response Working Group of the Rust Community has on an indication of a vulnerability when creating API keys for the on crates.IO managed packages reacts. As a consequence, the team has accessed all API-Keys, and developers have to be on the crates.IO page create new key.

In the programming language Rust the packages Crates, and the package manager called Cargo manages the dependencies. The page Crates.IO is a registry for the packages of the rust community, on which developers can store their own crates and must specify the Dependencies. When writing this message there were good 43.000 packages.

Not quite random

The reported vulnerability refers to an insecure method of random numbers. crate.Io recently put on the Random Function of PostgreSQL, which is not a cryptographically safe random number generator. Theoretically, attackers had thus to determine the internal state of the generator by analyzing a sufficiently coarse amount of random numbers.


Back to the cold war

The CIA is massively increasing the number of its employees, who are to act and decide independently on the front abroad as students, scientists or businessmen

The CIA, the infamous U.S. intelligence agency from the Cold War era, which shrank in personnel and materiel in the 1990s and since the 11.9. Despite possible failures, the fact that the mine has become important again is under serious suspicion, at least internationally. On behalf of the Bush administration, the secret service is accused of killing people, kidnapping them, torturing them or making them disappear in camps of some kind. The "War on Terror" resurrect the Cold War practices, especially since there are enough people working in the Bush administration who entered politics or machinations under Reagan to fight the bad thing. Bush likes to equate communism with Islamist terrorism.

The relationship between the Bush-led White House and the CIA has not always been good. It is possible that the CIA, together with other intelligence agencies, failed to provide evidence of the 11/11 attacks.9. to be interpreted correctly, if one disregards common conspiracy theories. From the point of view of conspiracy theory, it is interesting to note that the intelligence service, which had become more civilized after the end of the Cold War, had difficulties in providing the Bush administration with the desired information "Evidence" to supply or fabricate intelligence for the war against Iraq. Cheney had to do it himself, with the help of the British government and probably Berlusconi as well. The lies, which were actually recognizable from the beginning – why didn’t the European media, which willingly published everything at that time, apologize as well as the New York Times?? -, are now chewed over again step by step and substantiated.


“Environmentally harmful subsidies should be abolished”

Fukushima Reactor 1. Image: Tepco

The energy and climate newsreel: Of growing diesel consumption, nuclear power plant operators failing to meet their responsibilities, and terror alerts at German nuclear power plants

Now the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has also presented its figures for greenhouse gas emissions for the past year. The result: a slight increase of slightly less than 0.5 percent. We recently reported that German emissions have been stagnating for years and that the official climate protection targets for 2020 can only be achieved with drastic reductions.