More security on ebay classifieds

More security on eBay classifieds

The online portal eBay classifieds, on which especially private trading takes place with used goods, offers now and optionally a new payment function called "Pay for sure". Thus, the users – buyers such as seller – artistic works better against fraud in shipping.

If buyers do not receive an article or deviates considerably from the description, they should be backed up their money, explores eBay classifieds in a press release. For the use of the function, you pay a fee that is measured in percentage at the purchase price paid. Seller wants to protect eBay classifieds especially against unjustified complaints. it costs "Pay for sure" no surcharge. In the initial phase, however, the service is only surprised.

For "Pay for sure" Is eBay classifieds a partnership with the Dutch payment service provider online Payment Platform (OPP). Neuland does not enter both sides: According to the press release, the Dutch counterpart cooperates to eBay classifieds, marketplaces, since 2017 with OPP.


Can "Pay for sure" Accordingly, for the categories toys, cell phone and telephone as well as PCs and notebooks and up to a bid price of 1000 euros. The number of categories should gradually rise according to eBay classifieds. Intangible good and services are and remain excluded.

Buyers have "Pay for sure" the choice between a bank transfer, the "Instant bank transfer" of the service Klarna and the payment by credit card. The amount is kept trusted for up to 14 days and disbursed to the sellers as soon as the buyer confirms the receipt of the article in the agreed state. There are discrepancies between builders and sellers and is not a bilateral agreement possible, you can initiate a conciliation procedure on eBay classifieds.

Important: Seller protection only applies if the seller insured the shipment, ie can submit proof – for comparable services, for example, an electronic shipment tracking with shipping date and sender and reception address. If the buyer picks up the item Personally or let him pick up, omitted promotions and sellers. The exact conditions for buyers and sellers explanes eBay classifieds on his homepage.

Other payment options remain

Regardless of the new payment function, other payment methods continue to be possible, such as the frequently used PayPal. However, both parties can not use the buyer or sales protection of eBay classifieds, but must not use the program of the respective service (if any). For users of the mother platform eBay (so ebay.DE) continue to apply own rules for the buyer and seller protection.

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