Gap between arm and rich has become the strongest conflict for americans

Is the "American dream" and thus the capitalist ideology opposite to your end?

A survey of the PEW Research Center suggests that an ideological change is carried out by the financial and economic crisis, which was initiated with the financial and economic crisis and the Occupy movement. Two-thirds of the Americans said in the representative survey that there are strong conflicts between rich and poor in the country. That’s 19 percent more than 2009. For a third, the class conflicts are now even "very strong", twice as much as 2009. Seeing women, black and latinos, but also the relevant of the various social layers.

When people are centrally located in the heart country of capitalism, where the American dream in the promise is that every one’s own smithiness is blacksmith and can become a millionar from the dishwasher, then settings seem to move to the conservatives Republicans and thus to a largely unregulated, religious capitalism continues to be strong. However, this makes such a different current PEW survey, especially at the ages, the younger Americans under 30 tend to the Democrats and Obama, are set in the American sense liberal, but also less politically engaged than in 2008. 41 percent of the sub-trainees are not a woman. On the other hand, the ages Americans are much stronger about the present government, they are nationalist, Hangen the Neoliberal concept of a "small government" at. have anxiety in front of a "Growing proportion of immigrants" and see in Reagan the previously big prassides.

However, one has to be careful, because when it comes to terms, the political world in the US seems to be largely in order. In a survey published in December, capitalism for a majority of 50 percent is still considered positive, while 40 percent have a negative association, about as much as 2010. The concept of socialism is consumed. Only 31 percent violate him positively, 60 percent are negative to him. 62 percent have a positive attitude "conservative", 60 percent "liberal", But 67 percent too "progressive", Whatever this should be closer.

The class conflict, so the new survey, is 67 percent to the top of other conflicts, as smoked between seen and black or between boys and old. In 2009, the conflict between Americans and immigrants were still in the first place. Although there are still 62 percent worried, but remarkable is that the class conflict in the seen, but also in the political liberals and independent within two years, so strong, by 20 percent or more, increased. Even 55 percent of people who are inclined to the Republican Party or which call themselves conservative, these opinion. Little amazing is that the gap between arm and rich despite the financial crisis is always up. PEW points out that between 2005 and 2009, the share of the richest tenth of the overall migration has grown from 49 to 56 percent.

Gap between arm and rich has become the strongest conflict for Americans

However, the PEW authors do not want to derive system criticism from the results. Neid to the wealth do not let them grow, because still 43 percent say that the rich their wealth "Especially through its own work, ambition or training" acquired. But that does not say that this is also considered good, especially since ultimately also ganoven work or ambition can be shown, while training is also dependent on the social layer. In this respect, this does not necessarily have to be a completely opposition to the 46 percent, which mine, the rich were owed to their prosperity, especially the right relationships or the birth in rich families, with which they have quite right in view of the small passportness of the American society.

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