Hubble can see again

The over weeks "blinded" Space telescope returns with a fascinating image

The Hubble Space Telescope is able to "see" again, having previously gone into safety mode due to a malfunction. A space mission to replace cameras and batteries was postponed due to Hurricane Ike and will now probably not take place until 2009. At the beginning of October the data transmission broke down (Cosmic Landscape). A first restart had failed. Last week, scientists were able to reboot the computer system that controls the science instruments.

Arp 147. Image: NASA, ESA, and M. Livio (STScI)


You can not know everything

You can not know everything

All pictures: Concorde

Lunches a propaganda work: Alex Proyas’ "Knowing" Kluges together a variety of worldviews together and continues to write the work of his author.

The criticism is as obvious as short-sighted: Who Alex Proyas’ "Knowing" has seen, it can be very easy about the conclusion, which designs a pre-Christian idyll – and consequently the film as "Propaganda film of the Christian rights" abbey. For this one-sided ideology-critical approach, however, you have to hide too many details than you can appear in the event of a closer look at.


“Stupid”, “irresponsible”, “crazy”

Government, ARD, image and mirror combines against the right of strike of the locomotives

50 hours nationwide strike has decided the union of the locomotive (GDL). With your over 30.000 members represents 90 percent of the locomotives and 30 percent of the train attendants. But there is also a handzahmere union: the rail and traffic union (ECG) has just under 200.000 members – but only a few locomotives. Deutsche Bahn AG and the Federal Government, which lets the shamewords of the rail to pay out as a supposed privatization success, is the existence of the GDL a mandrel in mind.

Labor Minister Andrea Nahles would therefore have a law say goodbye, according to which it is to give only one collective agreement, so even a collective bargaining agreement. The goods end for a locomotive trade union – and a valid reason to be right and sustainable to strike. What is new: For the first time, government and railway management can be found on the support by the mass media image, mirror and ARD.


Hartz iv sanctions – the punitive state remains in place

Hartz iv sanctions - the punitive state remains in place

Comment: The ruling on Hartz IV sanctions confirms the principle of demanding and demanding and is therefore not a success for the unemployed movement

If after a verdict of the Federal Custodial Court seemingly everyone is satisfied, then one knows that the highest legal authority in Germany has once again confirmed itself as a total capitalist. This most noble task of the German judiciary was particularly observed by the judges in Karlsruhe when they ruled on the illegality of the Hartz IV sanctions.

While almost all the media point out that the court declared Hartz IV sanctions partially unlawful, the press release states for the first time in several paragraphs that the court upheld the sanctions regime as a whole:


Gluck had?

New Orleans is also a location of high security laboratories on research on organic weapons, thousands of experimental animals died in the episode of the Orcan Katrina, supposedly no dangerous pathogens to submerged

After the 11.9. Under Prasident Bush, the US not only moved into the war, first to Afghanistan and then with fake fundamental reasons in Iraq, but also in general, fear and anger of humans were instrumentalized to turn everything on the defense against terrorism. Only on the 8. September, so still after the catastrophe caused by the orcan Katrina, had US Prasident Bush the on the 14th.9.2001 expelled emergency due to terror threat again once again for one year. The anthrax letters whose sender was still not found despite extensive search, served to panic in front of the new ones "Mass destruction" To be aone, not only to create new laws, but also to put many billions into the development of safety techniques, especially for preparation before and for the growth of attacks with biological weapons. This is melted into the project Bioshield.

The fact that the switching of resources in the politically and medially better excessive anti-terror struggle deducts this when it comes to the evidence of the (organized) crime or precaution from natural disasters, the Americans and the whole world were observed when the Odcan Katrina already Long predicated damage caused. The problem is, of course, not only in the US so. The evidence of terrorists and the durs of fear of striking occurs – as long as no disaster occurs – always better than a distinction of lack of disaster (or cause terrorism). Thus, the mirror also reported persistently: organized crimetat benefits from anti-terrorist fight.


Acoustic lancing step

From the deterrent effect well coordinated birds

Bird pairs singing in the right place, apparently present a coarse threat to their competitors as couples who are musically less talented. This revealed the study by Michelle Hall from Max Planck Institute for Ornithology at Australian National University in Canberra, which has just been published in the journal Current Biology.

The message of a successful duets to the consumes is probably quite simple: we keep together, so skin better off. The threat is stomparged by a suitable choreography. Of course, this strategy is not only in the bird world, but also for primates and last but not least the Eurovision Song Contest.


Demo hack: sound and picture from the 1541 snail carousel

Demo hack: sound and picture from the 1541 snail carousel

Although the optical-acoustic result is not too spectacular, the way it is generated, but already: Matthias Kramm, studied computer scientist residing in California, survived the floppy drive 1541 by Commodore to produce highly tones and images.

Demo video of the author Matthias Kramm

For sound output, he’s naturally used the Stepper engine of the drive – C64 friends will remember the Larm, which produced the qualifying slow floppy station, still well. However, the image output on a classic FBS monitor requires a small modification: a simple 100 ohm resistor mixes sync pulses and image content together.


Remote-controlled weapon systems reduce the attack threshold

The high of the victims of the "most accurate war" All times is not yet known, but a questionable trend of artinfo infowars can be recognized

The combination of high-tech with conventional or even archaic means such as horses or sliders used by American specialty troops on the ground in the Afghanistan war has also highlighted the Pentagon as a successful model for the driving of art military actions. Premiere also had the use of unmanned learning airplanes equipped with missiles. It should be controlled from the distance to minimize the time delay between the (remote) detection of an opponent and its destruction by shelling. Really confirmed successes can the Pentagon in so far "most accurate war", So General Tommy Frank, the upper-commander of the Afghan campaign, do not show., Rather, the use of armed drones indicate a questionable development arising from the distance war in the information age.

Predator RQ-1


With neusprech to fully employment

With Neusprech to fully employment

With the Merry Message Vlnr: Holger Schafer (IW), Hubertus Pellengahr (Insm) and Dr. Jorg Schmidt (IW). Image: S. Dow

The Insm gives the low wage a greater name

If you want to sell unpopulares, you have to come up with something. Politicians and lobbyists can like to come up with new terms that should distract from the true core of the problem. Then, Wars become humanitarian interventions, from the stock data retention the minimum data retention and the unpopular Hartz IV should be given a better image by a new name. The new social market economy initiative, which is financed by the employer’s associations of the metal and electrical industry, now suggests the low-wage: That’s actually an entry-level salary, finds the insm and tries to prove that with a suitable opinion.


Germany’s departure from climate protection

The Energy and Climate Weeks: Exercises in Asia, Baden-Wurttembergs not gruner pension funds and an artificial leaf

A non-heavy Monsoun has cost hundreds of human life in China, India, Nepal and Pakistan in recent months and beat millions of people in flight. Meteorologists see a correlation with the previous weather phenomena EL-Nino, which led to high water temperatures in the Pacific.

In China, floods and overflows met people partly unprepared. Especially the northern provinces have not experienced so heavy rainfall and survivors for 20 years. From the Ministry of Civil Affairs, criticism of the aggregates in the province of Hebei was loud loudly, which had considered the storms and did not react appropriately.