Tesla in grunheide: nature conservant pulling in front of the next court

Tesla in Grunheide: Nature conservant pulling in front of the next court

The nature conservation association Grune League and Nabu continue to be legally against the 15. Early part of the construction of the Tesla factory in Grunheide at Berlin. After the Administrative Court of Frankfurt (or) dismissed an urgent application against the departure on Tuesday, the combination appeal has filed a complaint at the Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court, as she informed. Speaker Christine Scheerhorn confirmed the receipt of the appeal at the court on Wednesday (act.Z. 11 S 78/21).

Nature conservants turn against the preliminary duty with exams of the functionality of plants in the field of paint shop, gableery and bodybuilding. In addition, the installation of tanks for wastewater treatment and the refueling plant has been approved prematurely. The Ministry of the Environment had explained that functional tests in which only small amounts of water hazard danger and in a sense of significant substances were used. Therefore, the findings of this decision gained from a present body report not counteracts.

The nature conservation associations see it differently. The necessary positive approval forecast for the granting of the overall project due to a stork report obtained by the state environment of the country is not possible. The expert had come to a conclusion that critical points such as the exit of toxins had to be processed fundamentally reworked, striking it in a contradiction of the association.

Missing permit

Tesla is missing for the construction of the factory the final environmental approval permit. It therefore builds with premature one. The time of the final decision is unclear.

The US company had submitted extensive application documents for the construction of his vehicle factory at the beginning of June at the State Office for Environment (LFU), which until 17. Talk to July, and can also be read on the Internet. Amendments in the current approval procedure have become necessary, among other things, because the company on site also plans to produce battery cells.

Until 16. August can be raised objections to the plans for the project. Thereafter, the LFU decides whether a renewed renewal of the objection is required.

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