Politician as a fair game

The murder of the Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh is a cancellation at the social consensus of non-violence

Marco Biagi, Pim Fortuyn, Zoran Djindjic and now Anna Lindh: Murder of top politicians also has economy in Europe. Representing political directions are billed by social groups and individual gears with politics. The similarities of the four murder victims are rather low: all four people’s representatives looked strongly polarizing with their views. But the intention usually fails: The political murder leads at least in the short term politically to sympathy terms for the victim.

The death of the Swedish swed minister Anna Lindh awakens the memory of the assassination of politicians in recent years: Marco Biagi was down in Marz 2002 in front of his house in Bologna (92 cartridge horses, a ballet scenter and the CIA). The economic adviser of the Berlusconi government was representative of the planned unpopular reforms of the labor market in Italy. The government consultant had been deprived of police protection shortly before, at that time a follow-up organization of the "Red brigades". The protest organized by the unions against government reforms suffered a significant steamer.

Pim Fortuyn was on the 6. May 2002 Shot only a few days before the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands (the Pim-Dean syndrome). The right-wing populist politician polarized with his statements on immigration and asylum policy the Dutch society. The above-up popular enfant terrible of the Dutch politics, former sociology professor, was considered a prospective of parliamentary elections due to its professional and popular campaign, the elections after the assassination was the character of a condolence sample for the "Lijst Pim Fortuyn". The Attesta, an animal welfare activist, was sentenced to the second instance for political murder of 18 years in prison.

The Serbian Minister Prosident Zoran Djindjic was considered a hopeful carrier of democracy in Serbia. With its vision of democratization and Europeanization of Serbia, the musical politician stood in the way that settled in Chaos. As he on 12. Marz 2003 was shot by a hedger of the hedger, the circle of suspicious quickly limited: Milosevic trail around the ultra national politician Vojislav Seselj and the Special Police Commander Milorad "Legija" Lukovich on the one hand and the organized crimetat on the other hand (Djindjic, the Mafia and the West). The process against about 70 directly or indirectly involved will be the preservation case for that "New Serbia" will.

The Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh sat down for the introduction of the euro in Sweden. According to a minority, the Social Democratic Surveys, which could record a positive trend – not least due to the personal use. The coordination of the euro import will also be a coordination of the politician Anna Lindh. In Sweden, only the head of government is called for personal protection – even since the never clarified murder of Olof Palm in 1986. Similar to Biagi, Fortuyn and Djindjic was also Lindh at the end of their political career: they were grossly chances to build Sweden’s head of government Goran Persson.

Fortuyn’s Morder tried to defend himself by describing this as a threat to democracy. Praventive tyrant murder, no place for the democratic societies. Hefective democracies are characterized on the one hand by the democratic storage of problems. On the other hand, the fact that it is difficult to comply with hazardous personnel: In the case of Anna Lindh, the Swedish sakerhetspolises has made the danger position as wrong as in the case of Biagi did the Italian Ministry of the Interior. The case Lindh will not only entail a further foreclosure and alienation of politics from the electants not only in the previously very liberal Sweden.

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