Continental builds profit – chip deficiency prints on the business

Continental builds profit - chip deficiency prints on the business

Continental has continued to stabilize after the hard year 2020 – but the lack of microchips also shows clear traces in the car supplier. The Hanoverans were able to earn a net profit of 545 million euros in the second quarter after a loss of 741 million euros in the pandemic challenges had incurred a loss of 741 million euros. Most recently, a number of new orders set up, the Group reports. The Rubber Technologies called tire business was well run well, for example in the original equipment rusting of electric cars.

Already in the first annual quarter, a relaxation had been shown when the company turned a previous year’s minus of 292 million in a plus of 448 million euros. Between April and June, the total revenue now increased by almost half to 9.9 billion euros.

Uncertainty, however, still brings the global scarcity in electronics components. Continental Chef Nikolai Setzer explained: "Overall, the chip bottleneck and rising commodity prices will burden the automotive industry throughout 2021." This falls in a time in which rough parts of demand are actually back. Continental blinds in a message, it has rough appearance, for example, for coarse-flat vehicle displays.


The automakers are trying to work out the commodities of orders after it had given trends of handlers and works in the first year 2020 because of the pandemic.

Continental expects consolidated sales of around € 33.5 billion to 34.5 billion euros for the current business year; So far, he was out of 32.5 billion to 34.5 billion euros. The adjusted EBIT margin will be 6.5 to 7.0 percent.

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