Competitive rated: apple sees himself “in no market dominant”

Competitive rated: Apple sees himself'in keinem markt dominant''in keinem markt dominant'

Apple rejects the allegation of a market dominance: you have numerous competitors of a wide variety of ways of Google Uber Samsung to LG and Lenovo. The emphasized Apple Manager Daniel Matray, Europachef for the App Store and Apple’s Media Services, presented for a political decision-maker’s organization of Forum Europe.

Against the Group in Europe, there are now two competitive studies around App Store and Apple PAY. Also in the USA regulators have begun to take the iPhone manufacturer into the crosshair.

Apple: are not dominant in no market

Apple have in "No market a dominant position" and stobe in all business areas "Powerful competitor", From Tablets on Wearables and Computers to Messaging, Card and Payment Services, Matray explained according to a report of the news agency Reuters. For all app providers – whether rough the small – were also the same rules in the App Store and a coarse part of the apps must not pay any commission to Apple. The App Store urges the competition instead of preventing him, the manager argued loudly Reuters. The app shop has been provided in his twelve-year’s existence for dynamics and today’s "App Economy" first.

Two cartel procedures opened in Europe

According to complaints of app providers and payment service providers, the EU Commission initiated two antitrust investigations against Apple in mid-June. You should check if Apple is distorting competition with App Store Rules and the Payment Service Apple Pay. The App Store is the only way for app providers to get access to iPhones and iPads. Payment service providers want to offer contactless numbers to NFC terminals, this can only be done on the iPhone via Apple PAY.

The reference to competitors and lack of market dominance leads Apple for a long time in the field. Apple probably have more competitors "as any other company on earth", explained Apple boss Tim Cook last autumn. "A monopoly for himself" Be also not bad, "as long as it is not abused".

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