Breaking landing during the european championship: police determine according to greenpeace action

Breaking landing during the European Championship: Police determine according to Greenpeace action

Originally a paraglider controller on Tuesday evening about the field of Munchner Em-Arena short before the Fubball Game Germany against France on behalf of Greenpeace dropped a rough latex ball. The action, which should be directed against Volkswagen’s product policy, failed, the plane came to the steel cable construction of the stadium roof into the spinning and avoided just a crash into the viewer range. The pilot had to stimulate on the lawn.

Two men were injured in the action. They were medically supplied by the rescue service, an emergency doctor did not have to take care of them, shared the Muncher police. The paraglider pilot was arrested. The police are now calculating because of different offenses according to the Criminal Code and the Air Transport Act.

"We ask the two injured sincerely and reproduced apologize and hope that they are getting better soon. Even with the players and viewers: inside we apologized for the shock second", explained Greenpeace. After a failure of the electric motor drive lever, the paraglider pilot had emergency nozzles on the grass of the Arena.

Volkswagen and Sode disapproving the action

Bavaria’s Minister Prosident Markus Sodder (CSU) has exploited consequences. "This is treated exactly, that’s clear clearer", he said to Bayerische Rundfunk. "That is not a cavalier dulkt."

The company Volkswagen, the sponsor of the German Mannerfubball National Team, has criticized the misspelled action sharply. "With today’s Protestary, Greenpeace and lives have brought into danger of uninvolved spectators and fans of a fubball game", Stretched it in a statement. That is not acceptable. Volkswagen is open for the critical and constructive dialogue in the environment and sustainability.

Volkswagen had recently shown another Greenpeace action that directed against the Group, still mild. The environmental activists had stolen hundreds of VW cars in the Emden loading port and laid on the Zugspitze.

The police consciously did not shot on the paragliders after presenting the Bavarian Minister of Herrmann (CSU). Because of the lettering ‘Greenpeace’ apart from the fact that sharpeners have intervened here, he said according to media reports. If the police came to the drawing, that it could be a terrorist attack, then the plane had to pay the action to pay with his life possible.

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