A weaving log of terror

The danger of the sociologist Andrej Holm, a victim of state monitoring, describes their everyday life

About the terrorism-approved Berlin City Socialist Andrej Holm has been written a lot in recent weeks (Andrej H., § 129a and the suspicious terms). There were solidarity exploitation from abroad and prestigious colleagues. And some of the premieges raised against him are more than absurd. Nevertheless, Andrej Holm will continue to be followed by the BKA and the federal prosecutor after his premature adhesion to the BKA and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. 1 treated and affected is also his family, his danger of life and their two children.

How to look for a life under a stable observation by the BKA, Harm’s lifelong davail has been described since the beginning of October in the Weblog Annalist. Her attempt to break the insulation, to produce accommodation and also the attempt to put the state observers at least a stucco under observation. At the same time, they sometimes have the impression that the BKA technical dilettants are on the works or the obvious breakdowns are to be extremely unsettled the monitoring?

And again. I call Andrej’s mobile phone and will be asked to enter my own mailbox PIN. I try the landline phone again and hore my own announcement.

Then someone calls me differently on the phone, it rings twice.. and streams.

I send Andrej an SMS in the expectation that then ends with me, but that does not come back.

I’m doing a first attempt to blog, and the calculator stucco. With a new computer with new Kubuntu, on which only mail client, browser, Pidgin and an open-office document run, not necessarily expectation – as well, is increasingly before in recent days. First of all, I held the regular faults, if too much at the same time and daily Amarok. Whether my computer is a morning muffle? There is certainly a very rational explanation.

Just like the letter, the other day at Andrej’s parents arrived, from a well-known, handwritten address, correct sender, obviously private. When he arrived, a stamp printed on the bottom left next to the address a stamp print: ‘Reminder! Post office of the Berlin Senate Chancellery ‘.

Intention or provided? Definitely pretty usouveran.

That the BKA does not rip away from harassment or at least initiates them, hardly wonder after reading the weblog:

Small harassment on the edge: An accused was just ignored without specifying reasons the Giro account by the bank, another supremed to another the lease did not require. With us continues to come everyday that who calls Andrej calls my mailbox.

That the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the BKA have developed their own, albeit grotesque logic in their work, this example shows:

According to the state-of-the-art Unterbundesstaatswaltin, Andrej Just has to return to u-imprisonment immediately, because 1. to bound is that he immediately waits when he drapes. That justified you u.a. With another snuffy recording of a telephone council between Andrej and his mother sometime in the early year (a miracle that the overheads still telephoned). This is about an application for a job at a university in the Netherlands. How to go when he works there, with the family, she asked there. And he answered that he then, if that works with the spot, maybe it must penduce first. And that we may have to follow at some point. And what makes our favorite fabrics from it? The allegedly so close binding to the family is probably not given = escape danger, very clear! Respectively., If that is not enough: he was moved abroad, with family!

How fast one is driven to the edge of the paranoia as a surveillance, this detail describes:

What reminds me that in a telephone call in a telephone call, I would have used the formulation, then you will definitely think again that we immediately prepare any connection, with my knowledge no one aming that I prepare behavior, and then I’m inwardly the tongue bite, because yes to bumped is that the BKA velvet BAW may now think that I could prepare behavior.

Who reads Annalist carefully, learns of people who have been the right to privacy complete, which are taught and grated into the narrowness. And he gets to know a federal republic, in the federal aggregations and police completely open and apparently alleged legal state volunteers. A document that is scared and affected. And blurred for the future.

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