When western values are raised to the guideline ..

When Western values are raised to the guideline ..

In the New Year’s speeches of EU politicians, Western values are snapped a lot of space – a comment

The guideline of values not only pronds the New Year’s message of the German Chancellor, but she is also in the center of the speeches of other political drivers of the EU. Incidentally, it was stated that sometimes went wrong. For a self-criticism, it has only limited, my own failure nobody wanted to admit.

The Finnish Prasident Sauli Niinisto considers the displeasure of the EU burger, as in the political actions and the election behavior, during the last few years, articulated as a result of realized western values. Democracy, equivalence and freedom, there had not been given anywhere else to the same extent as opposed to the European continent. By mimicking protests, however, the danger of gaining the upper hand, which want to eliminate those values. Their defense must therefore be in focus of the efforts of democratically minded politicians.

Since he himself belonged to the elite, he has no access to persons who can not give much to the proclaimed values. For Prekar’s busy or neo-colonially, the invoicing of material needs was given priority. In addition, they are extremely absorbing their interests in spite of formal freedom of expression and to asset socially despite democratic structures.

Conflict between values and law

If Western values are raised to the guideline, not only frequently the presence of economic and social conditions are ignored, which remains the most of the population of an active participation. In addition, values can be conflicted with legal regulations. These have been used the ruling and powerful in a long historical struggle. In them, interesting divergences reflect, they therefore have a compromise character. On the one hand, they serve the elite for the warranty of private property, on the other hand, but right norms and procedures are cemented, which are cemented by the position of weaker strong.

The conflict between values and rights is currently relativized in the reactions to Donald Trumps again relativized decision to deduct the US militar within the next few months from Syria. Leading politicians and the media of the EU UBS criticism, they relate to values. The democratic model Rojava was sacrificed, the Kurds were in the arms of the "Ruler" Bashar Al-Assad driven, behind which the authoritar ruled Russia and Islamist Iran stand. Nowhere is it discussed that years ago by the stay of Western military horizontal international law was broken and Trump wants to end this status.

In fact, there are situations in which a broad consensus is that human rights and other values is a high priority as a formal law provisions. But even in this case, there is a legal body that has the decision: the UN Security Council.

Legal structures form a protection against arbitrary interpretations, regardless of whether they are calling for values or other pathogens. The use of the principle should be excluded "The end justifies the means". The facts, on the basis of which decisions are to be made, is often unimely, even wanted. Thus, false flag actions are among the standard instruments of intelligence services, with political guides often prove to be the client. A fair treatment can only be ensured if legal principles are observed. This concerns the presumption of innocence and the existence of evidence or. serious evidence to justify a conviction.

Relativity of values

Values are timely and contain a wide interpretation margin. Wars for Christian values, Volker, were eradicated in the name of civilizational progress, which defends the holding of slaves with racist arguments and aimed for world rulers with the conviction of the uniqueness of their own nation. Also, the value category of Islamic terrorists convicted in the West are also in this category.

The western values can actually be universalized for themselves? Undoubtedly they can be perceived as progress, as far as they are compared with their historical processes. But must be accepted that "The democracy on the factory ends", How the Trade Union Lights Imagined in the 1970s? Have freedom of trade and capital transaction priority from social and material assets wide population layers, even if they affect this? Will not remain valuable human resources with the postulate of the activity of the workforce? Is the view in East Asian cultures that personal freedoms take to influence behind social interests, leaning into principle?

An emphasis on values is not wrong, but there is a lack of readiness to relativize their own position. This leads to a Eurocentric view, which complicates the understanding of other cultures and their social game rules. Also, in value debates, the historical dimension is often ignored. If the deasing of your own position is possible? When Western values are summoned in the New Year’s speech, then the impression arises that they primarily as "Consolation" Funding to simplify your own political.

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