“Can i have the acts of the man of my beloved?”

Unauthorized "File Sharing" At the French police

The police must be better informed – this formula is in the textbook of each interior minister far ahead. Also the French Minister of Interior Brice Hortefeux wants to collect more data. The question is, however: how safe are the data from unauthorized access to the police?

With repeated indications, how much a better file situation is the finding work of the police, Hortefeux managed to reinstall the controversial and finally tilted database EDVIGIGE, away from the critical public, which had the event a little overslept, maybe because Hortefeux On the name Edvige renounced – but not for information that should already collect EDPIGE (see the miraculous resurrection of a seemed notes).

How safe but are the data against abuse? A current case from France has fundamental doubts. That "Bug Brother Blog", That for the newspaper Le moons The question arises, who is always monitored by the overwaxes, reported by a police officer who worried data from police acts for private purposes. His girlfriend wanted to divorce her husband, since the policeman wanted to be a helping – with information from the police file he used to use prere on the partbiller. A small lousy story that flatters several bad pages that show the case as a problem that reaches the anecdotic.

Because of the first, the realization that the like are apparent unauthorized accesses in the officials as filee sharing in the non-complex network. According to Blogger Jean Marc Manach, it is an open mystery among policemen, employees of the judicial care, desolation and journalists that the register to which it goes in this case is the StIC (Sysemen de Traitement of the Infractions Constatees), a "sieve", which is not only consulted by "numerous policemen" for purely for purposes, but also from private reasons (some time ago became known that prominent files, such as those of the French "Rockstars" Jonny Halliday likes to be read). It is also indicated that some of these file entries of policemen will be passed on to well-networked private detections and media.

In the STIC database, all those persons who have been confronted with a criminal matter – mind you not only the taders, but also the victims of crimes, offenses and violism, the subject matter of legal proceedings. More than half of the French are recorded, the blogger reports and notices, confessed u.a. On findings of the French data supervision CNIL, that the database is a lot of bugs.

To do this, combine that erroneous information partly will not be lolled; The "right to forget", which is required by French politicians for call harmful entries in the network, obviously does not apply in the police degree bank. So in the case of the husband, whose prefix of the policeman had established in a private career. Histentional engagement filed the trade with stolen cars to the burden he should have committed at the age of six years.

But not enough of the unacceptances in the case. The policeman who is unauthorized to the act of the man of his beloved access, was convicted, but only to a symbolic sentence of a euro. Although he clearly guilty in the sense of the criminal law Р"Detournement de Donnees à Caractère Personnel" -, the judges showed very mildly.

The prosecutor the policemen for its awkward approach and recommended loud information Lemonde-Blogs that he was to procure the same information about a legal path: "The next time you should inform yourself about your enemy, you should first seek to indicate him and thus to bring about an official investigation."

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